Huntsville Parks and Playgrounds Guide

We’re SUPER big fans of Leslie Knope around these parts and just like Ms. Knope we’re big fans of parks. Luckily, the Tennessee Valley has a bunch of them. To help moms and dads who are searching for some crucial info about them before wandering out – Is there play equipment? Is there a bathroom? Is there shade? – we’ve created this handy guide. So what are you waiting for? Check out the playgrounds and parks in Huntsville and North Alabama! GET OUTSIDE!

We might be a bit biased but the playgrounds and parks in Huntsville and North Alabama are kinda awesome.

Find a Park Near You!

We’ve organized our park features by region below, but there’s another way to navigate your way to a park that’s even easier. All of this info is also on our free Explore Huntsville app – we even map it out for you there!

Huntsville Central & Downtown

Huntsville - Northwest

Huntsville - Southwest

Huntsville - Southeast

Madison City

Hampton Cove & Owens Cross Roads

Madison County


Decatur & Morgan County

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We have several more parks we would LOVE to get parent input on – all you have to do is submit your thoughts via our Parks Recommendation Form. If we publish your park review we’ll send you a token of our appreciation!

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