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  • Located in Madison, Alabama
  • Includes shade, bathrooms, & a water fountain
  • Lots of new updates to the playground in 2020!
Kid's Kingdom Madison AL
Kid's Kingdom Madison AL
Kid's Kingdom Madison AL +9
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Kid's Kingdom Madison AL

One of my favorite playgrounds in Madison is Kid’s Kingdom in Dublin Park. The Madison Parks and Recreation recently updated the playground that was built in 1997. They have updated a few structures along with new paint on the inside and outside. This playground themed as a castle is perfect for everyone from a toddler to a big kid. It’s free for the public and open during daylight hours.

Location: Dublin Park, 8324 Madison Pike, Madison, AL, 35758 (map)
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Amenities At-a-Glance: Lots of shade and plenty of places for parents to sit. Picnic tables inside and outside the park. Clean bathrooms have water fountains, toddler-sized toilets, an antibacterial gel dispenser, and changing tables in both. Park is completely enclosed with a gated entry (one way in and out). Disc Golf is also available (outside the playground in Dublin Park).

Ride in the Pumpkin Carriage!

Situated on the hill at the back of Dublin Park in Madison, Kid’s Kingdom is an enclosed, well-maintained playground shaded by several large oak and walnut trees. The playground is designed with a castle theme: turrets, bridges, walkways, with various ways to get up (climbing lattice, stairs) and down (slides, stairs). There is also a climbing wall, tire swing, various balance challenges, rings (for bigs and littles), an obstacle course, and plenty of other structures conducive to imaginative play.

Kid’s Kingdom Pros & Cons

My favorite things about this park and a few things you should know before you go.

Pro: Lots of Shade
One thing I really enjoy about the playground is the amount of shade the trees provide. It has several large oak and walnut trees that help on those sunny days and lots of shady places to sit.

Con: Bugs / Ants
Make sure you bring bug spray if you are going in the evening. Wear shoes that are covered at the toe. There is nothing worse than having a big ant bite on a kid with a sandal or flip-flop.

Pro: It’s Enclosed
The Kid’s Kingdom has a fence that goes completely around the play area. There is only one way in and one way out. So if you want to let your child run wild while you wait at the door like a guard, this is the playground for you. And just outside the gate is a newly renovated disc golf course to play.

Kid’s Kingdom is a great playground!

Con: No Clear Line of Sight
If you like to keep an eye on your child, this is going to be hard to do at Kid’s Kingdom. The design of a castle with bridges, walkways, stairs, poles, and more has tons of nooks and crannies for kids to explore. I have to follow my three year around to make sure she doesn’t jump off where a pole is or try to get somewhere she can’t get down. It’s great if you have two people to keep an eye on the kiddos.

Pro: Bathrooms
Thankfully there are open restrooms most of the year at Kid’s Kingdom. There are water fountains, changing tables in both men and women’s restrooms. During the winter months the Madison Parks and Recreation will shut them down. Most of the time they are clean for a public restroom.

Pro: Areas for All Ages
There is a section for smaller kids from bucket swings to a smaller structure to play on. Many times, kids in the area are running back and forth playing hide and seek and it’s nice to have a special area just for the younger ones. The older kids have tire swings, climbing walls, and an obstacle course they and challenge each other on. There are even areas to explore their musical talent with a built in xylophone.

Kid's Kingdom Madison AL
A swinging bridge.

The swing area has two belt swings, two hard tire swings (which are loads of fun), and two accessible swings for children with special needs. The park also features a toddler area with four bucket swings, balance challenges, Cinderella’s carriage (with a horse), and dolphins for little ones to climb on. There’re also a couple of small slides for younger children.

Pro: Picnic Tables / Benches
Make sure to bring a snack or lunch and some water to hydrate because this park will wear the kiddos out! There are plenty of benches and tables to have a seat and enjoy several hours playing / eating / and pretending. There is a covered gazebo at the top that overlooks the entire kingdom that is great for a small birthday party or gathering.


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