Date Night in Huntsville

We took to our Facebook Page and asked readers about their favorite Date Night experience in Huntsville. We got TONS of great replies, and lots of ideas about places to go with your significant other, your friends, or just be by yourself!

It’s also a GREAT time to spring for that sitter and visit a few restaurants this weekend. The Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau is hosting Huntsville  Restaurant Week as part of the state-wide Year of Alabama Food, and it goes through this Sunday. Rocket City Mom detailed how it works and even included a list of all the participating restaurants (with notations of those with a kid’s menu!). You can view it here. Finally, if you’ve never checked out The Dining Dragon, now’s a great time. It’s my go-to place to get honest local restaurant reviews from a fellow foodie!

Go ahead and bookmark this page for when you get a Date Night yourself! And be sure to add your suggestions in the comments.

Date Night Final

SCENARIO: You find yourself with good childcare and a new outfit on a Saturday night in Huntsville. What do you do?

Here’s what our readers said…

Lezli: Dinner and Drinks at The Broken Clock Gastropub in South Huntsville. Bacon marmalade burger and truffle fries are to die for! And then a movie afterwards.

Tiffany: Below the Radar!

Michelle: Assuming that outfit is super comfy pajamas – straight to bed, lol

Ashley: Nice dinner and a movie at Monaco!

Amberly: Single mom here, I’d probbably just sleep. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

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Nichole: Movie first, then dinner and drinks at Mezza Luna or Cotton Row. (Otherwise I’d fall asleep in the theater!)

Cherish: I wouldn’t have a clue since that would never be a real life scenario for me….hahaha!

Dianne: My Spirited Art and I Love Sushi in Jones Valley.

Starlyn: Below the Radar, Bonefish, or Connor’s.

Amber: Hildegard’s German Cuisine on the corner of Whitesburg and Bob Wallace. Great food, So cute and locally owned.

Melanie: Try one of the many fabulous locally owned restaurants in Huntsville! 1892 East is a new favorite. And Monaco is always nice, dinner followed by an adult beverage & movie UPSTAIRS! also, Drake’s is nice for low key…

Tara: Ruth’s Chris for dinner, naughty shopping at the Bridgestreet Victoria’s Secret, followed by cocktails and a movie at Monaco.

Susan: Wake up, and realize it was just a beautiful dream.

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Renee: Ol’ Heidelberg

Laura: Is someone else paying too? Lol! In that case it would be D&L Bistro, Melting Pot, Or Nicks Ristorante.

Benjamin: Brix of Huntsville or Cotton Row.

Lameka: Bone Fish, Lowe Mill, Ruth Chris are all great suggestions!

Christina: If I had the energy. I’d go to below the Radar or Blue Pants Brewery.

Corri: Probably Monaco Pictures, and the The Melting Pot – possibly grabbing a steak somewhere else first, then dessert at Melting pot.

Christina: Go home, take off my clothes, close the curtains,and go to sleep! Mom of three here,lol.

Shelli: Dinner and wine at Pane e Vino downtown. Great patio if you can take the heat!

Marie: Dinner at Bonefish, see a grown-up movie (haha), and have a drink at Drakes before heading home.

Sarah: 1892 East

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Dana: Dinner at Cotton Row, Melting Pot or Ruth’s Chris, and maybe fit in a movie or just walk around at BridgeStreet.

Ronda: Go to dinner at Brix or Nick’s Ristorante… both are excellent places to have dinner.

Brandi: Dinner at Connors or the Melting Pot then a movie at Monaco (Prive)

Tiffany: Scene, Prive and whatever R-rated gem I can see!

Steve: Lowe Mill

Sarah: A steakhouse, Brix, Bonefish some of our favs!

Deanna: Go to sleep early.