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Relax and Restore at The Silos at Promise Manor

Relax and Restore at The Silos at Promise Manor

If you’re looking for an opportunity to slow your pace, relax, and restore over the weekend, The Silos at Promise Manor will not disappoint.

A little over a mile from historic Lynchburg, TN lies a valley that holds “Dolly” and “Duke.” These silos have been repurposed to hold exquisite décor reflecting the likes of Dolly Parton and John “the Duke” Wayne. From the tiniest touches of pink in the Dolly to the masculine Americana décor in the Duke, these tiny treasures are intimate and charming.

When driving down the winding backroad, you will pass the main home used for celebration events. Tucked just around the bend is an old historic barn with a rusty red tin roof. The meadow presents a serene display of colors just across from a hillside that the sun slowly drops into at dusk. The Dolly has a private drive entrance with a steppingstone path to the quaint front porch. Flying the American flag, this porch was a great place to capture the sweet sign of “Dolly, Est. 2023.”

Upon entry into the grain bin, the attention to detail starts with the tiny pink tulips on the wooden kitchen table. The fireplace was enhanced with brass candle sticks and old books for reminiscing. A peek out the window hovering over the kitchen sink provided a glimpse of the old barn and remembrance of the days when it was filled with livestock. The worn quilts hanging over the leather couch were a sweet touch, while the postcards to send to loved ones lay on the soft pink side table.
In the bedroom hung a beautiful chandelier, with a pink velvet chair for rest and reading. Displayed behind the bed were antique picture frames displaying hymns and dried flowers. The wrought iron bed was placed between two small nightstands, each holding a reading lamp for bedtime. Tiny butterflies were deliberately placed throughout the room, as a favorite of Dolly Parton’s.

A step onto the back porch brought a smile onto my face as I saw the clawfoot tub nestled in the corner, running water and a curtain to pull. While looking further onto the property we noticed the flower garden on the hill. A chicken coop for harvesting eggs for breakfast was near the garden, and a flower grooming station was placed for preparing your bouquet.

No detail was spared in this perfectly adorned resting place. While there was no television for entertainment, the opportunity to unwind and decelerate in the peace and quiet was priceless. With the silos so close to downtown Lynchburg, we took the opportunity to visit Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant for lunch. We followed with a tour of the Jack Daniel Distillery. Both the restaurant and the tour provided insightful information into the life of Jack Daniel, his family, and the Lynchburg community.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we sometimes miss the opportunity to rest and restore. The Silos at Promise Manor provide an experience that you won’t find in your standard hotel or condominium. Don’t miss your chance to observe nature, explore history, and wind down in a clawfoot tub bubble bath while listening to the sounds of the valley.

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