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Explore the Kid Zone Playground in New Hope

Explore the Kid Zone Playground in New Hope

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If you’re on the hunt for a playground that isn’t your typical community playground, you’re going to want to make the trip to New Hope’s Kid Zone. A sprawling wooden structure that winds up and around the park, Kid Zone is the perfect place to play royals and knights.

The wooden structure invoke memories of past Rocket City favorites like Madison’s Kid’s Kingdom and South Huntsville’s Kid’s Space. My toddler loved climbing up and around the structures and exploring the lower levels too. Thankfully it’s also largely shaded – so it’s perfect for those hot and sunny days.

The steps are small enough for littles to climb and enjoy as well.

Kid Zone At-a-Glance

Location: Johnson Avenue, New Hope, Alabama 35760 (map)

Kid Zone Amenities: Slides, swings, monkey bars, balance beams, sand area, walking track, disc golf course, baseball fields, tennis/pickleball court, shaded benches, pavilions, grills.

Situated in the heart of the New Hope Civitan Park, the Kid Space playground wraps around a number of trees that have likely seen multiple generations playing beneath their boughs. The playground is partially fenced at the rear where it backs up on the walking trails and disc golf course, but it’d still be a park that parents of runners would want to keep a close eye on their kids. All the same, there are several shaded benches for parents right on the playground.

The park includes baby swings, normal swings, tire swings, and one accessible swing.

Featuring whimsical wooden structure, the playground pulls on the imagination with castle-like steeples, a boat, a car, tunnels, and plenty of climbing and hiding spaces. Younger kids will enjoy climbing and exploring, but will need to be watched closely as there’s several large drop offs and slides that are high off the ground. The older kids will be entertained for hours on all the monkey bars, obstacles, and balance challenges.

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There’s plenty for kids to climb on and explore.

Know Before You Go

Kid Zone is a unique and fun park for families to explore. If you’ve grown tired of all the ones around town, it’s definitely worth a visit. If you come during summer, you should also make plans to drive a few short minutes down the road to the New Hope Splashpad to make the most of your visit. Here’s a few more tips to remember on your visit:

  • Although the playground is mainly shaded, there are still areas exposed to direct sunlight. Be sure to bring sunscreen and check equipment temperatures before turning the kids loose.
  • Because of how big the playground is, it can be easy to lose sight of your child playing. Only visit with older kids that don’t need constant supervision or be prepared to play with your younger kids.
  • The playground is only partially fenced, so be aware when coming with a runner.
  • Bathrooms are available just outside the play area. There are not changing tables in the bathroom, so bring a towel or plan for a backseat diaper change.
  • Bring bikes/riding toys for the walking trail to add to your visit. Or bring disc golf equipment if your family plays.
  • Water fountains are available nearby if you need to refill a sippy cup.
  • Some of the slides end with longer drop offs, so be sure to be aware of those with smaller children.

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