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Cool Off at the Everybody Can Play Splashpad at Brahan Spring Park

Cool Off at the Everybody Can Play Splashpad at Brahan Spring Park

  • Brahan Springs Park, 500 Drake Avenue, Huntsville
  • Splashpad, playground, covered picnic area
  • Open Memorial Day - Labor Day, every day from 10AM-dusk
two boys playing in the fountain at the Everybody Can Play Splashpad in Huntsville

The City of Huntsville and local Kiwanis and Optimist Clubs came together to renovate and improve Brahan Spring Park and install the Everybody Can Play Splashpad adjacent to the playground.

The large aquatic play area features a space theme with 51 different water features including sprinklers, bubbling geysers, water cannons, dumping buckets, and roll arches that are wheelchair accessible.

Brandy Travers, a volunteer and board member for the project spoke about the addition to the park installed in 2013. “It took several years for the EveryBody Can Play playground to come together. It is meant to be used by [literally] every body whether they have physical limitations or not. We hope to have the ability to change out the features at the park in the future so that we can make it different and exciting for the children of the community.”

Brahan Springs Everybody Can Play Splashpad collage

Parking is plentiful, and bathrooms are conveniently located just a few yards away from the splash pad. Diaper changing tables are included in the bathrooms.

There are benches that line the fenced-in perimeter of the fountain area, as well as two picnic tables. There is no shade inside the fence and the actual splashpad, and I wish I had brought an umbrella or quickie pop-up tent to get some sun relief. Definitely wear a hat and sunscreen! There are covered picnic areas beside the parking lot of the park.

If you’re a parent of a smaller child (4 and under), plan to get wet yourself. There’s really no way to walk through the splash area without a fountain hitting you, and your little one will need your supervision if they want to climb on the installations in the middle. And they will, because they’re really cool!

Splashpad Details

  • There is no cost to enjoy this public park. Don’t you just love living in Huntsville?
  • The fountains and water features are chlorinated.
  • The surface is all concrete – I advise wearing water shoes that have grip as it can be slippery if kids run. There have already been a few injuries reported, so run at your own risk!
  • If the fountains are off when you arrive, just wave your hand in front of the blue sensor right by the tall rocket fountain and they’ll pop on again. This feature conserves water when no one is there and is on a timer.
  • Wi-Fi in the park is strong and plentiful.
  • The benches were pretty full of dry parents – bring your own lawn chair to make sure you have a seat!
  • The covered pavilion nearby is a great place for a picnic lunch after all that splashing.

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Everybody Can Play Splashpad Details

View Website & Read Covid Update
Location: Brahan Springs Park, 500 Drake Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801 (Map)
Hours: Open Memorial Day – Labor Day, every day from 10:00AM to dusk. NOTE: Closes every Tuesday at 5:30PM and re-open on Wednesday morning at 11:00AM to allow time for necessary maintenance.

This article was originally published in 2013 and has been updated to provide the most current information. 

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  • This looks like a nifty and inexpensive thing to do for an hour or two. Glad to hear about this and the improvements to Brahan Springs Park in general. I can remember going there with Nathan to get a geocache several years ago and thinking “wow, we’re not ever coming back here again.”

  • Thanks for the info. We plan to check it out next week and I’ll be sure and bring a chair and an umbrella.

  • We were there today and we will definitely go back! I was thankful to have brought a chair, but next time will definitely bring an umbrella. It was slightly overcast and I still got mighty hot after just a bit. Thanks for the idea!

  • Visited the splash pad today for the first time and the kids absolutely loved it! We’ll be spending pmany more of our summer days at this wonderful park. Any idea why the toy Kitty cat is shoved onto the rocket that dumps water? It was a cute surprise. We didn’t let a few rain drops stop us from having fun. The pavilion was great for stopping long enough to eat. The whole park is just fabulous!

  • We went to the splash pad today for our first time as well..we didn’t stay to long but that’s not due to anything about the park. My kids enjoyed it. it’s nice, includes water, and it’s get the best of both worlds.. you have the park then the’s awesome..if you haven’t checked it out you need to.. we will be going back!

  • I wrote this in a review as well, but I just want to get the word out about the gates, so here goes:
    We love going to this playground. It’s one of the few with fences all the way around, and with two children with developmental delays that do not understand invisible boundaries, fences are really important to us. I dislike that so many people leave the gates wide open, even when there’s a big sign on it asking people to keep it closed, and one of the gates (last time I was there anyway) doesn’t even have a latch. I guess most people don’t see the point in keeping it closed because that’s not something they have to think about with their kids. Other than that, we’ve really enjoyed ourselves. As there is at every playground, there are some kids that are unsupervised that are a little too rough around the smaller children. The bathrooms weren’t any different than any other public park any of the times we went.

  • When does the plash pad open? I am trying to plan a birthday party.

  • The last time I was at this park a man pulled down his pants and started peeing right there close to the play ground. This is not the only bad experience I have had at this park. I definitely won’t be going without my husband again. That being said, the splash pad is pretty cool, but usually really crowded.

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