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Finding breastfeeding support in the time of Covid-19

Finding breastfeeding support in the time of Covid-19

breastfeeding support in Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children

Being a new mom has it challenges even during the best of days. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and you’ve got a lot of stressed out mamas here in Huntsville. Staying safe and healthy during pregnancy, then having the baby under so many new hospital safety procedures, then bringing that new bundle of joy home is an absolute feat of strength and resiliency. But the fun doesn’t stop there – now you’ve got to feed this little one. For nursing moms, that can add an extra layer of stress, especially if you don’t know where to get breastfeeding support in Huntsville.

We consulted Registered Nurse Kelly Shewbart, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children Breastfeeding Support Services Coordinator, about where moms can find breastfeeding support in Huntsville during the current health crisis.

breastfeeding support at Huntsville Hospital

Virtual Breastfeeding Classes at HHWC During Covid

“Huntsville Hospital is currently doing virtual classes via Zoom at least twice a month and have had great attendance with this format,” Shewbart says.

Moms can register through the HHWC website and will get instructions sent to them about how to log into the class. A lactation consultant is present throughout the entire class.

There is also a one-on-one virtual consultation option via Zoom if a mom desires. Free phone consultations with lactation consultants can ease a worried mom’s mind and provide some relief. “We have a ‘warm line’ (256-265-7285) for moms to call for breastfeeding support regardless of where you deliver.”

You’re in great virtual hands with each of these options. “All of our lactation consultants are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants,” says Shewbart.

In-Person Support

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children continues to offer our Outpatient (in-person) office visits for one on one support for weight checks, latch help, or other concerns from new and breastfeeding moms. They also provide breast pump and scale rentals.

Moms who are passionate about breastfeeding advocacy will also find kindred spirits here. They are participating in The Virtual Big Latch On August 1st. This global event is where people gather together to breastfeed and offer peer support to each other in a big way. Their friends, family and community join this celebration to promote and support breastfeeding. Volunteers from within the community host each location, hosting a Global Big Latch On event creates a lasting support network for the community.

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children Breastfeeding Support Services

Cost: FREE (Each breastfeeding mom is encouraged to include one support person.)
Phone: 256-265-7296 for more details or to be added to the class list
WarmLine for Breastfeeding Help 256-265-7285
View Online Classes

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