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Creekwood Park: SW/Madison

Creekwood Park: SW/Madison

  • Located at 360 Harvestwood Ct, Madison
  • Open sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset

A popular spot in Madison, Creekwood Park offers a variety of activities for families to enjoy.

Location: 360 A Harvestwood Court (Off of Slaughter Road)

Amenities: Good mix of playground equipment, dog park, walking trails, several pavilions, benches near the play equipment, small creek, frisbee golf AND bathrooms!

Mom’s Thoughts: I love this park and the only downside I can find is that everyone else does too. This means that on beautiful afternoons in the summer or on the weekends, it can get crowded. That’s partially because there is so much to do and partially because it’s one of the very few dog parks in town. So, maybe there is one other downside – people who don’t clean up after their dogs. I’ve never seen anything in the play area, but be careful when you are walking in the areas near the walkway to the dog park because I have seen people not curb their dog. I say something when I can (and appreciate it when others do) but I also pick my battles.

Like most of the parks in this city, there is no real shade on the play equipment and even though most of the equipment is plastic, it can get really hot in the sun. There are several pavilions, so bringing a picnic is a good idea and there is a cute little creek which my daughter loves to visit and throw rocks in. Because of this, I always bring a change of pants, shoes and socks. Overall, this is a good place to take almost any age child. Some of the equipment up here is appropriate even for preteens and up so it’s a great place if you’re looking for a place for a wide age-range of children.

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Details About Creekwood Park

Address: 360 Harvestwood Ct, Madison, AL 35758 (Map)
Hours: Sun up until 30 minutes after sunset
View Website | Go Creek Stomping at Creekwood Park!

This review was originally posted January 2011 and has been updated with the most current information.

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  • Also there is no potty’s! I did have my daughters birthday there in October and it was near perfect!

  • There are bathrooms, but my daughter refuses to go in them because last time we were there, the bathrooms were FULL of dead cockroaches. I don’t know whether they had just sprayed or there was a nearby nest or what, but there were at least a dozen cockroaches in the sink, cockroaches underfoot (to the point it was hard to walk without stepping on any), cockroaches floating in the toilet bowls, etc.

    I don’t mind pretty much any other insect, but cockroaches give me the willies. I would *NOT* change my baby in this bathroom.

    • I really hope that your experience is the exception. I’ve never had those issues and I’m just so grateful for a bathroom (because so many parks don’t have them) but I agree, I still never use the changing tables. I find a way to do it in the floor of my car most of the time.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not at Creekwood. There are other parks where you can including, I believe, Optimist park which has much of the same equipment.

  • Is there a contact person regarding Creekwood Park? We would like to have a team picnic there in October and I would like to know more information about possibly reserving a pavilion. Also, do you know if gas grills are allowed for cooking burgers and hotdogs? Thank you.

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