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Nominate your family favorites for an award from Rocket City Mom

Nominate your family favorites for an award from Rocket City Mom

Now more than ever small local businesses need your support. What better way is there to offer that support than telling a friend or neighbor how great your experience was and encouraging them to use that business? That’s what makes our annual Family Favorite Awards so special.

Each year, Rocket City Mom readers spend the month of March nominating their favorite small businesses and non-profit organizations in more than 25 categories. Then, we take the top three nominations from each category and we ask readers to vote throughout the month of April. On May 1 we publish the annual list and each year there are some steadfast winners and there are some surprise newbies. It’s all very exciting.

Bragging Rights

Winners receive a badge and decal to display on their websites, in their stores, and on any marketing materials they produce where they want to brag about being one of the best in the Rocket City. So just by nominating and then voting, you can help your favorite small businesses. PLUS, you have the added bonus of helping other local families, or those moving to the area, to find new favorites they may not have discovered yet.

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