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Legacy Park of Huntsville is a Local Gem

Legacy Park of Huntsville is a Local Gem

A brand new, $4.6 million park just opened at the former campus of JO Johnson High School in Huntsville, and it is a site to behold! Legacy Park in North Huntsville is a brand new unique recreational space for the entire community to enjoy. The playground’s main attraction is the eye-catching CLIMBING SPHERE, which sports a massive web of crisscrossing climbing ropes. This equipment provides versatile play activities, exploration, and high-capacity play for numerous children, all while working on those social and physical skills. 

blue climbing playground equipment
The playground’s main attraction is the eye-catching Climbing Sphere.

In addition to the aforementioned climbing sphere, the playground includes:

  • Two slides along a turf-grass hill.
  • A large slanting, rotating ring for turning, spinning and balancing.
  • A pendulum swing which is used to foster teamwork to make the swing move.
  • A swing set to include two rope swings, a shell seat swing for multiple kids to play on and two duo swings.
  • Small toddler/preschool play area with a playhouse, climbing net and music station.
  • Plenty of gliders for caregivers to sit and relax while watching their children at play.
  • Playground padding to help cushion falls and absorb the shock, helping to minimize the risk of serious injury.
playground equipment with slide and rope ladder wall
The small toddler/preschool play area will babe a hit with your little one.

The rest of this beautifully landscaped park includes lots of green space for tossing a ball, playing with bubbles, a picnic or just relaxing.  In addition, there are three pavilions which can be used for gatherings and birthday party rentals (contact the Johnson Legacy Center for reservations). Furthermore, the City of Huntsville also teamed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to create a beautiful mural and fitness court for adults of all ages and adaptable for all fitness levels. This fitness court is designed to provide a full body workout in only seven minutes by rotating through all seven of the clearly marked zones. This playground is a true gem, and we cannot wait to go back.

group of children running outside playing with bubbles
This beautifully landscaped park includes lots of green space for activities such as playing with bubbles.

Know Before You Go

Legacy Park in North Huntsville has a lot to offer for southern Tennessee and North Alabama families, or even just those that are looking for new scenery. Here’s a few tips to make your visit better:

See Also

  • Inside the Legacy Center are restrooms, the women’s has a baby changing table. In addition, there is a water fountain with a built-in refill water bottle station.
  • The nice wide sidewalk encircling the area makes it ideal for tricycle and scooter riding.
  • This is not a fenced in playground.
  • There is no mulch or rocks which helps make this handicap accessible.
  • Shade is VERY limited, plan ahead for hot days. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water.
  • Dogs are allowed at the park but must be on a leash.
  • A five-minute drive away is the Dr. Richard Showers Splash Pad, to cool off during the hot summer months and make the most out of your visit.

Legacy Park Details

Location: 6001 Cecil Fain Drive, Huntsville, AL 36810 map
Hours: Dawn till Dusk everyday


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