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Aldridge Creek Greenway

Aldridge Creek Greenway

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Craving the outdoors? Tired of walking your own neighborhood for the 40 bajillionth time? We are here to help! Our communities offer a wealth of areas to get outdoors. As parents, we know you might hesitate to try out a new area. Is it hilly? Is it busy? Is there a place to change baby?

Before you head out, follow the Hiking 5:

  1. Dress appropriately (I am a fan of pants and tennis shoes with a tee-shirt/long sleeve combo).
  2. Always keep water, a first aid kit, a whistle, and a charged cell phone on you along with any other personal effects you may need. Always bring a partner!
  3. Stay on marked trails and always follow park rules.
  4. Less is more when hiking. Don’t take on more than you can handle.
  5. Check the weather before you go and remain weather aware. I highly recommend sunscreen and a hat, ALWAYS.

Aldridge Creek Greenway offers an accessible stroll through a portion of South Huntsville. With roughly 5.5 miles of paved trail, you can achieve as long or as little of a walk as you wish. Parking for the trail is available at Ken Johnston Park or Ditto Landing. If you live in South Huntsville, you may have neighborhood access. You can review the trail map here.

This isn’t a hike, rather, this is an easy outing if you have a stroller or other extraordinary accessibility needs.

Ken Johnston Park at the corner of Mountain Gap and Bailey Cove offers a covered picnic area, small playground, and restrooms. We were there recently, and the restrooms were locked, but there is a Publix on the East side of the park. If you access the greenway at this location and desire more shade, head South towards Ditto Landing. The North path offers less trees and areas to cool off on hot Alabama afternoons. The South direction also offers some places to stop and sit.

On nice days, you may see people and pets playing in the water. Some enjoy small-scale fishing in the area, and you can almost always catch turtles sunning on the rocks. If you decide to enjoy the water, please be very careful! This is a rocky and slippery area in places. Also, always be on the lookout for venomous snakes. Alabama is usually in the top 5 states for biodiversity, so always be aware when you are outdoors!

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Water Views

Small scale fishing

Picnic and playground area

Good for all ages


Runners and bikers may not practice trail courtesy

Sometimes overcrowded

Bathroom access is sparse-non-existent

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