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The Care & Keeping of Students and Teachers

The Care & Keeping of Students and Teachers

Once school starts, there are lots of great ways for families to support students and teachers. Your new teachers will be the adults with the most influence on your child outside of your own. No two students are the same, and all learn differently. We’ve put together some great advice from local experts on how to keep both teacher and student thriving throughout the year!

Get even more awesome local education resources in our 2023 Back to School Guide!

Teacher Relationships

It Takes a Village

We’re All In This Together: Advice to Parents From a Teacher
Rewards for teachers are not found in the monetary, but in the relationships they are able to develop with their students. Your child’s teacher wants your child to succeed just as much as you want them to. A career educator and community leader passes along some valuable tips he wishes all parents knew.

Parent/Teacher Relationships 101

Parent/Teacher Relationships 101
A good relationship between parents and their child’s teacher can go a long way in improving communication and preventing problems during the school year. We talked to several local teachers and asked them what tip they would give to parents looking to create a great relationship with their child’s teacher.

Teachers Deserve More Than a Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Year
Teachers make an indelible impression on us and literally shape our lives. How can parents do their best to help their child do THEIR best? Support their teacher all year long.

The PTA and You

How the PTA Can Engage Working Parents (Like, For Real)
Do you dread the inadequate feeling you get when you think about all of the school events that you can’t attend or help with due to being a working parent? Here are some great ideas about ways the PTA and working parents can build a better relationship.


Supporting Your Student

I Need a Tutor!

Tutors & Tutoring Services in Huntsville
Just like a good attorney, it’s important to keep a good tutor’s contact information close just in case you need them! Lucky for you we pulled together all the local tutors in this new directory.

Back to School = Get to Bed!

Sleep & Your Student: Know Your A-B-Zzz’s!
Just how important is sleep to your student? We asked an expert for tips on how to get you and your kids on a back to school sleep schedule.

How to Be an Advocate in the Classroom

Understand Your Rights in the Classroom
A special needs advocate can help you understand your and your child’s rights as well as what the school system you are in should do in order to meet your child’s needs.

5 “Be’s” to Prepare Your Child for Tomorrow, Today
All parents hope to prepare their boy or girl through education and training to be ready to enter the world after high school or college. But what does it actually MEAN to prepare your child for tomorrow? What specific things can you do right now that will make a big difference?

Emotional Support

Bullying: The Solution Starts At Home
Bullying is so rampant in our culture that keeping it out of our schools seems to be an impossible task, but as parents there are steps we can take to protect our children.

Kinder Care

Books for a New Kindergartener
A fantastic list of books to get your kindergartener ready for school, compiled by a local librarian.

Preschool Possibilities

7 Tips for Incorporating Montessori Into Your Home
By creating the right environment, and supporting her interests, you can create your own Montessori inspired home. Also learn more about a Montessori Mornings playgroup happening this Fall in Huntsville!


Homework Help

Tutors & Tutoring Services in Huntsville
Just like a good attorney, it’s important to keep a good tutor’s contact information close just in case you need them! Lucky for you we pulled together all the local tutors in Huntsville in this comprehensive local directory.

How to Get a Free Tutor
Thanks to the Huntsville Madison County Public Library, residents of Madison County have a FREE resource that can get students the help they need in the subjects they want.

Study Like a Super Hero
Studies show that children who are read to in the home and who use the library perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning.

Math: the Homework Hassle
Some great ways parents can fight the homework battle and make math fun!

How Mathnasium Helped My Son Love School Again
One mom’s story of how her son went from a failing math hater to a much happier B-student.

Test-Taking Tips for Your Student from a Local Pro
oes your child struggle with Test Anxiety? Is your teen taking the ACT or SAT this summer? Get advice and tips from a local expert with a proven track record of test-taking success! Dr. Praveena Kommidi, the founder of Rocket City Learning Center, answers your questions about how to best prepare kids for academic testing this school year.

A Parent’s Guide to the ACT and SAT
Student resumes, college applications, and TESTS – it can all be so overwhelming! The ACT and SAT process has changed since we took it in high school. Here’s what parents should know in order to help their students.

support students and teachers

Special Education Tips for Parents

Students with Special Needs Go Back to School

Back to School for Special Needs Students
While this article makes some references to IEPs and PECS, these tips can also be applied to students of all abilities. We consulted with some local special-needs teachers to create this list of tips to help your student start the year off positively.

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Gifted and 2e Students

Meeting the Needs of Your Gifted Child at Huntsville City Schools
Huntsville City Schools offers multiple services for our gifted students that begin in early childhood and extend throughout the middle and high school school years. Get all the details from HCS Gifted Coordinator.

From K to 12 and Beyond

The Art of Graduating a Student with Special Needs
Alabama restructured their high school diploma tracks in 2013, changing up each student’s path to graduation. Here is what you need to know.

Accentuate the Positive

Focusing on Strengths in the Face of Challenges
It can be easy to lose sight of the positives that challenges can bring to the people that they are growing to become. Let’s focus on special needs strengths.

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, & Dysgraphia

The Three D’s of Learning Challenges
What happens when you watch your child struggle with something that might seem innate to you, but makes your child burst into tears every time? Dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia – the top three D’s of learning challenges and how to recognize them in your child.

Dyspraxia in Alabama

Dyspraxia Support for Families
“Dyspraxia doesn’t define my son, it is just one of the things that make them such an amazing person. He has dyspraxia, and he is also smart, funny, kind and caring.”

Read more in our Special Needs Parenting series here on Rocket City Mom.

Feeding Their Bellies & Their Brains

Breakfast & Snacks

Breakfast: Make a Month of Green Smoothies in an Hour
Try these green smoothies for breakfast or as an after-school snack and kiss that Veggie-Guilt goodbye!

Breakfast Smoothie Bowls
Another great way to enjoys smoothies – your kids will love them!

Lunch Ideas

Healthy & Fun Back to School Lunches
A local mom & health coach has some great lunch ideas that are easy to make.

What’s for Dinner?

Back to School Weeknight Dinners
There is a little bit of everything in this list of recipes, because it takes all kinds to make it work, depending on your circumstances on any given day.

Instant Pot Meals for Busy Families
We love food and we love eating as a family whenever possible. We want to make that easier for you too.

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