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Seven Spring Books We’re Excited About

Seven Spring Books We’re Excited About

Spring is here! I love seeing the flowers blooming and hearing the birds tweeting. And with the flowers and birds, there is something else that is here.  New books. I’ve partnered again with The Snail on the Wall, Huntsville’s local independent bookstore and sponsor of the Rocket City Mom Virtual Book Club, to share seven reads that we are really excited about, releasing in the months of March through May.  


The Hunter by Tana French

If you like mystery and you love a good detective series, then stories surrounding Cal Hooper, a former member of the Chicago PD who moves to Ireland for some peace might be up your alley.  The Hunter is the sequel to Tana French’s The SearcherWe have heard conflicting reports; some say read Searcher first, while others say you don’t need to. Either way, take a chance on a “nuanced and atmospheric” tale. Expected release date: March 5


The Great Divide by Cristina Henríquez

This powerful historical novel brings us the stories surrounding the building of the Panama Canal. This novel follows a number of individuals involved with the Canal: a digger, a fisherman, a stowaway from Barbados looking for work, and a scientific researcher and his sick wife. How their lives intersect, makes for “[a] rich, evocative slice of life” says Reader’s Digest; those stories rarely acknowledged by history. 

Expected release date:  March 5


Table for Two: Fictions by Amor Towles

Fans of Amor Towles will rejoice or be disappointed in his new release Table for Two. On the one hand, it’s a book by Amor Towles; on the other, it’s a not a novel.  It’s a collection of six short stories and a novella where fans of Rules of Civility will follow Eve Ross from NY City to Chicago, where upon arriving, she decides to extend her ticket to Los Angeles. Expected release date: April 2


Funny Story by Emily Henry

Our romcom recommendation is Funny Story, another addition from Emily Henry of Beach Read fame. Described as a “joyful new novel”, the team of Snail on the Wall blew through this one rather quickly.  Premise: Would Daphne fall in love with her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex? This romance is open door with additional content warnings for language and recreational drug use. Expected release date: April 23  


The Mother Act by Heidi Reimer

If you love a complicated family story with a bit of theatre thrown in then The Mother Act is for you. Sadie refuses to abandon her career on the stage for the sake of her daughter Jude and instead produces a one-woman show about motherhood. Jude then grows up to become a talented actress in her own right. The highly discussable novel, divided into six acts, will leave you wondering about motherhood, love, career and the mistakes we make. Expected release date: April 30


The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley 

For all of the sci-fi fans, here’s a novel that reads very literary.  The government entity, the Ministry of Time, is bringing over “expats” from history to find out the effects of time travel on the physical body and the fabric of time and space.  Commander Graham Gore is saved from an 1845 expedition to the Arctic. He doesn’t know what to make of the internet, washing machines, and new social norms.  His “bridge” is there to assist him. This genre-bender had us captivated til the end. Content warnings for smoking and open door romance. Expected release date: May 7


Long After We Are Gone: A Novel by Tarah Shelton Harris

Harris is a librarian in our great state of Alabama and Long After We Are Gone is her sophomore effort after the success of One Summer in Savannah.  Another complicated family story, this one follows four siblings who are fighting their own battles as they try to save their family’s ancestral home. Expected release date: May 14


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