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Get Ready to Go Back to School in Huntsville & Madison County


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Get Ready to Go Back to School in Huntsville & Madison County

back to school supplies binders

There are so many things to do to get ready to go back to school! Buying new supplies, planning routines, taking first day photos and making home preparations are all things families should be thinking about before kids even walk through the doors of the classroom.

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How to Get Ready to Go Back to School

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Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss
Different families use different strategies for back to school, so we’re detailing five of our favorite methods just for you. These tips are our favorite bits of BTS advice, and we bet you didn’t know at least one or two of them.

Get Supply Shopping Tips from a Teacher
What happens when a first-time Kindergarten mom and an award-winning teacher go back to school shopping together? You get SCHOOLED on the Do’s & Don’ts of supply shopping!

Plan the Perfect Pic!

Spicing Up the 1st Day of School Photos
Most of us make our kids pose by the front door for that First Day of School photo at the start of every year. Let’s do something different with these awesome tips. These ideas are great for kindergarteners to high school seniors.

Prep Your Home…

Simple Ways to Prep Your Home For a New School Year
Your kid is ready and their school supplies are too. But what about your home? If you like easy DIY organizational projects this article is for you! Here are NINE simple ways to approach the first days, weeks, and the upcoming year of school.

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… Especially Your Kitchen!

Breakfast: Make a Month of Green Smoothies in an Hour
Try these green smoothies for breakfast or as an after-school snack and kiss that Veggie-Guilt goodbye!

Healthy & Fun Back to School Lunches
A local mom & health coach has some great lunch ideas that are easy to make.

31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas
Toss the boring brown bag. Your student will love these delicious lunches.

Back to School Weeknight Dinners
There is a little bit of everything in this list of recipes, because it takes all kinds to make it work, depending on your circumstances on any given day.

Kid-Friendly (and Delicious!) Recipes for Busy Families
We love food and we love eating as a family whenever possible. We want to make that easier for you too.

Prep Your Head

Parents need to get ready too. Who better to ask about what to expect than real, local parents who have been there and done that?

Ready Your Routine

Get Back in Your Back to School Routine
Kids thrive on routines and yours is about to change… again. Soon we’ll be setting alarm clocks, packing lunches and preparing to make a new year of memories. Here are a few tips you can start now to help make the transition painless and get the school year off to a successful start!

See Also

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Braving the Bus?

Ask the Expert: How to Ride a School Bus
If your student is riding the bus for the first time they might be a bit nervous. Chances are so are YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time rider or a high school veteran – these tips from an actual bus driver are great for parents and kids. He’s literally published a book about it.

When You’re Thinking About the Long Game

5 “Be’s” to Prepare Your Child for Tomorrow, Today
All parents hope to prepare their boy or girl through education and training to be ready to enter the world after high school or college. But what does it actually MEAN to prepare your child for tomorrow? What specific things can you do right now that will make a big difference?

Poetic School Days

Back to School Poetry From a Huntsville Dad
The joy and pain of sending a kid back to school, as shared in poetic verse by a Huntsville dad. A little sample:
I could have supplied
An army with what I bought
Last year. Where’d it go?

Back to School Events in Huntsville & North Alabama

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CAFY Back to School Bash & Talent Show
Kids to Love Supply Drive
Back to School Bash in New Market

Did we miss your event? Submit it to us by clicking HERE.

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