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Can You Win Our Back to School Tax Free Challenge?

Can You Win Our Back to School Tax Free Challenge?

It’s time to sharpen your pencils and dust off your backpacks! The Alabama Department of Revenue is hosting their annual back to school tax free weekend to help local families stock up on school supplies.

We decided to challenge Rocket City Mom readers by surprising them when they were out shopping. Would they know which items on the list were tax-free and which items weren’t? Watch and find out!

Be sure to check the list of tax-free items before you go shopping, and find out ALL the ways you can get your back-to-school shopping done in Huntsville and North Alabama HERE. (There are some really good tips!)

Surprising Tax-Free Items

  • Backpacks are tax-free, purses and briefcases are not
  • Rain boots are tax-free, soccer cleats are not
  • Hosiery is tax-free, hair bows are not
  • Diapers are tax-free, tampons are not
  • Books are tax-free, magazines are not
  • Calculators are tax-free, desk lamps for dorm rooms are not


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