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30 Experiences to Give Instead of Toys

30 Experiences to Give Instead of Toys

When your kids are old and senile, and rambling about the good ‘ole days, what memories do you think they’ll be rambling about? The giant state of the art television you got one Christmas or that moment your family ended up in a huge dog-pile at Skating in the Park, with the twinkling light of the Tinsel Trail surrounding you?

We are big champions of giving Experiences Not Things as much as possible. It cuts down on the clutter and creates lasting memories for our loved ones, especially because it can also involve the gift of time.

Here are some of our favorite Huntsville Experiences you can give, and cut down on the material stuff as we start a new year.

Local Annual Memberships

Looking for something that gives back year-round? Consider one of these memberships or season passes.

An Afternoon of Fun

Give the gift of a great day – it’s even better if you join them!

Classes They’d Love

Paint a picture, make a bowl, learn something new!

Camp is the Gift That Keeps Giving

Summer might seem far away, but what a wonderful surprise a camp store certificate or a camp package, complete with a s’more kit!


So the next time you think to yourself, “What could I possibly get a kid that has just about everything?”, look to experiences and some of these Huntsville Hidden Gems.

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