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Discover North Alabama Railroad Museum

What is it about trains? They are a source of fascination for young and old alike and there is nothing so pure as the look of delight when a child is face to face with the object of their obsession. Case in point, this lovely video of Madeline who is getting to ride a train for her third birthday.

Like Madeline, Huntsvillians are lucky not only because we live close to a resource like the North Alabama Railroad Museum but because through the museum we have numerous opportunities to enjoy a leisurely train ride with fellow train enthusiasts. Riding the rails is even more fun when your conductor and other workers are dressed up in historically accurate fashion. These folks and their fellow museum members, all volunteers and identified by NARM shirts or name tags, are filled with train knowledge and can answer almost any question a little one (or adult) can think of about this wonderful piece of local history.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to enjoy this local attraction. In October you can enjoy one of the shorter rides, the Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza which takes riders through the woods to Normal, AL (be sure to look out the windows for the animals). All passengers will then disembark the train to visit a small pumpkin patch and every child will be able to choose his or her very own pumpkin to take home! The Fall Color Special runs in October & November where you can take a longer ride and view all the fall colors from the peaceful picture windows on the train.

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And of course, for two weekends in December there are the very popular Christmas Trains. The North Star Limited is a night-time ride and is a little longer than the day-time Santa Train. Every coach is first-class, and children are encouraged to wear their pajamas while enjoying milk and cookies on board. Santa will be in his Christmas Tree room, ready to greet each family.

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The day-time Christmas Train option is the Santa Train. The Santa Train has both regular coaches and a first-class coach. Santa visits with every child on the regular coaches and the children receive a small present as they disembark the train. Those in the first-class coach will enjoy a treat before visiting with Santa in his Christmas Tree Room. The Santa Trains are about thirty minutes in length. Tickets for the Christmas Trains sell out in November, so if you’ve missed it in past years, do not delay. See descriptions and details for all the rides currently on sale here.

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What: Chase Depot and Railroad Museum
Where: 694 Chase Road, Huntsville, AL
When: Spring-December
Cost: $15 for adults/$10 for children ages 2-12 for regular rides; $15 all passengers for special trips (Peter Cottontail, Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza); Santa Train-$20 for regular coach, $30 for first class; North Star Limited-$35 for all passengers; “Special Rides” require a ticket for all ages, regardless of age

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