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North Alabama Okayest Mom Contest

North Alabama Okayest Mom Contest

  • Share your funniest parenting stories and win this awesome coffee mug.
  • Oh, and a Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Entries accepted until May 7, 2021.
  • Or buy a mug for a great cause!

Every year around this time, you start to see them. “World’s Best Mom” specials leading up to Mother’s Day are everywhere – the radio, TV, and all over the Internet. This year it just seems different to us. After the year moms everywhere have had, we think it’s worth celebrating just getting to another Mother’s Day with everyone intact. No one I know feels like the BEST MOM EVER after 14 months of parenting in a pandemic. This year, rather than go for the Best Mom, we want to acknowledge and honor the Okayest Mom.

Love this mug? Now you can buy one of your very own, or one for a friend! Proceeds benefit high-risk moms in the Antepartum Unit of Huntsville Hospital Women & Children. 

Celebrating All You North Alabama Okayest Moms

Parents everywhere compromised their kids’ screen time rules, snack allowances, bedtimes, fashion choices, workout routines, and/or schoolwork. There were entire days where my kids didn’t put on pants. And what even IS screen time anymore? How do you regulate that when school is happening (sort of) all day on a screen at home? Even as we start to gradually climb out of this Covid hole, moms are taking a hard look at what was expected of them in the past and figure out ways to combat the burnout and embrace The Okay.

So we want to hear YOUR Okayest Mom stories. We want to laugh with you and normalize the idea that moms don’t have to be awesome wonder women 24/7/365. We want to hear about that time you sent your kids to daycare with your thong static-clinging to the diaper bag. Or when you forgot to order a birthday cake for your kid and had to stick a candle in a “Happy Anniversary” cake from the gas station. Or when you went to morning carline in your robe and pajamas that ONE time, and had to stop and pump gas in front of God and everybody with no bra on. Or when a Paw Patrol or Animal Crossing marathon saved your day full of Zoom meetings.

Note: Please don’t tell us anything illegal or anything that would be cause to call CPS. Funny is one thing. Neglect/abuse is another.


Currently looking for a new school for my 6 year old. #whyshedomelikethat #foryoupage #sendhelp

♬ original sound – Gracie Noe

How to Submit Your Stories

We made it easy – just fill out the form below and tell us about your Okayest Mom moment(s). We’ll collect stories from our social media too. We won’t publish your whole name – just your first name and last initial, but if you want to be completely anonymous just note that in the description box below. But please do leave us your contact info so we can let you know if you’ve won!

We have three categories of Okayest Mom stories:

  • Parenting Brain Drain – What happens when moms are tired, distracted, or juggling too much.
  • Hack It Up – When you have ingenious parent hacks to make lemonade when life (or your kids) hand you lemons.
  • Best Dressed – When you – or your kids – are victims of a fashion faux pas in a hilarious way.

(Yes, you CAN enter in all three categories if you have three different stories!)

Each week leading up to Mother’s Day, we’ll select a few stories to share just for fun. But on Mother’s Day, we’ll announce the winners in each category and award the winner of the North Alabama Okayest Mom Contest!

Entries are open now through Friday, May 7th, 2021. We’ll announce the winner on Mother’s Day, May 9th.

Of Course There Are Prizes!

  • Each category winner will receive a Rocket City Mom swag bag (including that awesome coffee cup in the photo above) and bragging rights for a whole year.
  • The overall winner will also be the recipient of a Nintendo Switch lite (for your Animal Crossing addiction – or you can choose to share with the kids) PLUS mani/pedi at your favorite spot.


We want to reward Huntsville area moms just for doing the best they can. So tell your other Okayest Mom friends. And don’t worry – you can’t scare us! After all, we’re the Okayest Moms that lost a toddler in an elevator. Or left our kid at the gas station on a road trip. Or got so desperate to be out of diapers we bought a singing potty chair.

Okayest Moms of North Alabama – assemble!

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