What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up – if you’re at a loss for ideas or are curious about what the mom in your life really wants, this post is for you! We asked real, local moms how they would truly like Mother’s Day to go down this year, and got some interesting responses… most of them having to do with sleep and lots and lots of alone time.

You can subtly (or not-so-subtly) send this list to your spouse, your significant other, or your kids. And to make it even easier for them, we’ve also included below a list of places open for Mother’s Day Brunch and some cute DIY gifts moms would actually love.

A little thought and effort go a LONG way – we think you’ll find the vast majority of these suggestions from moms are affordable, pragmatic, and much-deserved!

Note: Only initials have been included to protect the mamas and keep this list REAL. 

What a Mom Wants

Go kayaking or hiking with me and maybe not fight for the day. Odds are we will be at one of their sporting events though. – K.

Anything homemade. Ex: a love letter or Breakfast in bed. Just something thoughtful. – T.

How about a gift certificate for a pedicure? I would love any excuse to take time out for that. – J.

I want an entire day to do absolutely anything I want by myself. – K.

I would really like a girls weekend out with my other mom friends. Have their husbands watch their kids because mine will totally do it. Not far – Nashville or Birmingham. A short vacay for us moms that work hard 365! That’s all. – T.

Either a full day or half a day all to myself while the hubby watches the kids, picks up the house and has dinner ready when I get home. – W.

I planted flowers on Mother’s Day with my kids when they were little. Now, they buy flowers to plant with me. – S

My kid to quit being a butthead. My kitchen to stay clean for longer than a few hours. – E

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A night out by myself! – P.

I want a painter to repaint the last three rooms in our almost finished renovated house! I haaaaate painting but really need to do it. – J.

A whole day and night of quiet solitude. – A.

I want ALL my chores done for the whole 24hrs. Sleep in have all meals made and cleaned up. No 100 can I questions (ask dad) and dad answered. Just a free day to do as I please. – B.

A massage, then dinner and a movie with my family. – A.

Honestly? Take the kids away. Let me sleep or binge on trash tv or WHATEVER. My favorite present (which would also be awesome here) was getting my car detailed. My family TRASHES my car, and it felt like a brand new vehicle when I got it back. – S.

I want to sleep until at least 7:00, I don’t want to cook, and I want the family to clean at least one room in the house. – M.

In all honesty, a day without fighting between my kids. – S.

Every year I get the same thing! I get an allotment of money and a day to do whatever I want with it! I usually go shopping and then take a couple of close friends to dinner. I start planning my day months in advance! – F.

Dinner out and something fun like Escape game or go-cart racing! – M.

A big breakfast, a trip to the park, and a long naptime where I could sew. – A.

I want to pee alone ALL DAY. – C.

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A spectacular crappy breakfast in bed; toaster waffles swimming in skittles and syrup, weeds picked from our yard in my orange juice glass, and a beautifully honest handmade card and drawing, “See Mom, that’s what your hair looks like in the morning.” – M.

Totally a materialist but I’d love a new iPad. – M

Uninterrupted sleep and to have a few hours of quiet! – M.

A Me Day (no cleaning no kids no work and no hubby). – C

Flowers and to go to a nice brunch and everyone be happy. Oh and a personal organizer to help me get organized would be amazing! – D.

A nap! Sweet, uninterrupted sleep. – M.

I really like practical gifts, previous years I’ve received a vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker, a rug, etc. One year I received two topiary shrubs! This year I would really like a homemade card and an Apple Nike watch. I’m not that shmoopy. – K.

Pizzelle’s chocolates and a movie marathon. – S.

Totally unrealistic, but I want my kids to listen the first time I say something all day. So, I don’t have to repeat myself 650 times. Or, a new car. – K.

I want a get away weekend. – K.

Some kind of appreciation. A card…even just saying: “Mom, we love and appreciate you!” That’s all really. Anything else just ends up being more work for me! – L.

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A family portrait session! It’s been 4 years. – A.

For someone to actually remember. – M.

I would love a getaway with my little man to truly celebrate being a mom. I am focusing on teaching him to enjoy life’s simple pleasures along with people. – T.

Nice dinner, massage, a clean house. – D.

I will say that having lost my Mom at 13, I don’t really celebrate the day. Last year, I read an article that talked about losing Mom and suggested giving a picture of you and your kids to each of them for the day. I like that idea and hope that I can pull it off for them. – K.

Kid free date night. – S.

A house cleaner to do a deep clean. – J.

To be alone for 24 hours. I want to go to a hotel and be alone. ALLLOOOONNNNEEEEE. – J.

Brunch & DIY Gifts

Another thing we learned is a little brunch and a thoughtful gift kids can make themselves are a mom’s favorite things.

NOW is the time to make those Mother’s Day Brunch reservations!

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas in Huntsville

Brunch is always a good idea, especially when you pair it with one of the above options! Just be sure to make those reservations if you haven’t already!