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The perfect gift for Mother’s Day – and it’s all For The Mamas!

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day – and it’s all For The Mamas!

  • Give a meaningful gift this Mother's Day
  • Support local moms during some of their scariest and most uncertain times
black and white photo of pregnant woman in the hospital

Most soon-to-be moms anticipate that exciting moment when they will go into labor and rush to the hospital to meet their new baby. No one pictures moving into the hospital for up to 14 weeks to help prevent a premature labor – but that is the reality for women every day in the Antepartum Unit at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children. This highly trained Antepartum team cares for high-risk pregnancies and women with postpartum complications. It is the kind of unit that you may not know it exists until you or a loved one needs it.

Support For The Mamas!

This Mother’s Day, give a gift that will impact mothers during some of their scariest and most uncertain days – hospital bed rest during a high-risk pregnancy.

Patients like Michelle Epling know exactly how scary that can be. Michelle spent two weeks on bedrest because of high blood pressure and potential complications with the twins she was carrying. Thanks to her caring physician and nursing team, she was able to make it to 33 weeks and have a safe delivery. Throughout it all, it was small things like heating pads, comfort pillows, toiletry care packages, and activities that kept her comfortable and entertained.

And that is why we need your help – For the Mamas. If HHF can raise $10,000, they will be able to check off every item off the Antepartum Unit’s wish list. Proceeds will be used to purchase heating pads, toiletry items, activities and technology that will keep women comfortable and entertained throughout their high-risk pregnancy. Many stay in the unit for multiple weeks or even months. Will you help?

Two Ways to Give!

For each purchase of Rocket City Mom’s locally-made “North Alabama Okayest Mom” mug, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Antepartum Unit at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.

So buy one for yourself. Or your BFF for Mother’s Day. Or for a teacher you love. Or all three!

okayest mom coffee mug
Click the mug to buy yours online from Green Pea Press!

Just think – by purchasing one of these mugs you are supporting 4 different levels of amazing local women!
1. A mom in your life
2. The moms behind Rocket City Mom (while we’re not keeping the money, we appreciate the show of support)
3. The moms (and other ladies) of Green Pea Press
4. The future North Alabama moms who use the Antepartum Unit at Huntsville Hospital

More Mug Details: Declare to everyone that you are joyfully living your Okayest Mom Life! At $18, this is no piddly standard 8 oz. mug. It’s large – a 16 oz. porcelain mug for your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice. Note: To guarantee receipt by Mother’s Day, online orders must be placed by noon on April 30th, and be picked up in person at Green Pea Press on May 7-8.

Don’t need a mug? Or maybe you want to give more? You can also donate directly to the For The Mamas campaign through Huntsville Hospital Foundation. It’s tax-deductible too!

So what are you waiting for? Order your mug and/or show your support – for the mamas!

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