Father’s Day train ride will be more “distanced” this year according to NARM

Father’s Day is going to be different in 2020 no matter what your risk tolerance may be. For those who are a little higher on the scale (3+) the North Alabama Railroad Museum (NARM) wants you to know that their traditional Father’s Day train ride could be the perfect way for the family to enjoy some normalcy while still practicing social distancing.

According to Amy Hardin, NARM marketing director, the museum will be taking several new precautions to help make this year’s ride safer for those looking to keep their distance from their neighbors.

New Train Ride Safety Procedures

  1. Ticket sales will be capped at 100. They are watching the sales and trying to block off sections around sold tickets to create some space. Groups may be moved around on Saturday morning to create space around guests and among each coach, so please keep that in mind.
  2. Tickets will be available for pick-up near the loading platform outside. They won’t be using the depot for will-call. As guests pick up their tickets, passengers will immediately board the train. Because of this, they are asking that no one arrive at the depot prior to 9:30am.
  3. Limited movement on train. They are requesting that passengers remain in their seats and limit movement on the train during the ride. This will prevent large groups from congregating between the coaches.
  4. Staggered trips to gift shop. The gift shops WILL be open on the train. We will have each coach visit the gift shop at a specified time, so there won’t be as many people shopping at one time.

So, if your dad is obsessed with trains (and who isn’t) then a leisurely family train through the countryside could be just the thing to get him this year!

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When: Saturday, June 20 | 10AM
Where: 694 Chase Road NE, Huntsville
Cost: $15, Adults | $12, Ages 12 and under
More Info: Tickets | Facebook

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