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What to expect when you visit RockHouse Alpaca Farm

What to expect when you visit RockHouse Alpaca Farm

RockHouse Alpaca

There is a new place to visit in town. RockHouse Alpaca Farm is located in Meridianville, Alabama, and they have recently started allowing visitors! I don’t know about you, but I have been actively looking for ways to get my kids out of the house in outdoor environments this summer, and this excursion seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.

Rock House Alpaca Farm females

What to Expect at RockHouse Alpacas

When you pull up to their home, the gates will be locked. We had a brief moment of uncertainty that we were in the right place (because we didn’t see a sign or any alpacas) but after a couple minutes, the owners came out to unlock the gates. The alpacas roam freely in their yard, so they have to keep them safe from the traffic on the road.

Once we parked, payment was requested. Make sure to bring cash or check to cover $10 per person as they do not accept any electronic forms of payment at the time of this review. Be aware that all members including children under two years old are counted.

RockHouse Alpaca Farm

The Alpaca Experience

We were each given a cup of food/treats and began to approach the group of female alpacas. You should know – you will very much have a “face to face” experience. Alpacas are quite tall, and I found that most of my kids were nose to nose, or quite a bit shorter than they were.

The farm has the alpacas split up in two different areas. The girls are in one pen and the boys in another. We found the girls to be very gentle and somewhat shy. They were curious and eager to get the treats at the beginning, but once they got their fill, they seemed to be content to find quieter places to graze. The boys were a bit more aggressive in getting treats and didn’t mind a bit of bumping and pushing to get what they were after.

Recently, on June 14th, they even got a new fluffy bundle of alpaca joy…

The owners were available the whole time for questions and info on the alpacas as we moved around the property. Much of the area in their yard is covered with shade with established trees. Our visit lasted right at an hour, but even though it was a very warm and humid day, the shade helped quite a lot! At the end of our visit, we were offered an educational pamphlet and a coloring book featuring alpacas.

RockHouse Alpaca Farm

Parent Pro-Tips If You Go

  • RockHouse Alpacas is located at the owners home, and essentially in their backyard, and they don’t have “normal business hours”, so make sure to reach out through their Facebook page to make an appointment before you go.
  • They do not have a bathroom available to the public, they were happy to let my kids find a quiet spot outside to relieve themselves. Just make sure you have everyone go potty before leaving your house!
  • We never strayed very far from the car’s location, so I didn’t feel the need to bust out our stroller, or bring along the diaper bag. However, if you did want to use a stroller, while there were no paved areas, the ground was flat, and pushing a stroller around wouldn’t be a problem at all.

RockHouse Alpaca Farm Details

Address: 381 Monroe Rd. Meridianville, Alabama 35759 (map)
Phone: 256-426-8296
RockHouse Alpaca Farm on Facebook

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