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Where to Find Huntsville’s Furriest Friends


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Where to Find Huntsville’s Furriest Friends

Springtime in Huntsville and Madison County can be a beautiful thing – the cherry blossoms bloom in Big Spring Park, the greenways explode in wildflowers, and all of Rocket City wakes up from its winter nap.

It’s a great time of year to take your little ones around to these Huntsville Hidden Gems and visit with the animals. From furry friends to feathered and everything in-between, animal lovers have lots of options to see!

Burritt’s Barnyard

Welcome to the Barnyard, we’re very glad you’ve come,
There’s lots of things to do here… and chores that must get done,
The animals need feeding; the crops need lots of sun,
But most of all we want you here because it’s loads of fun!

The Burritt Barnyard lies at the heart Huntsville’s historic Burritt Park on top of Monte Sano Mountain. The farm animals are friendly and love visitors, and kids can get up close to pet the more social ones. Goats, horses, pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens are all functioning members of the the family. Burritt’s Barnyard Spring Farm Days is slated for April 11, 2015 and is always tons of fun.

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Burritt goats

Harmony Park Safari

This drive-thru park opens its season on March 7th this year and should be on every family’s Must List. Kids will delight in the 2-mile loop where animals enjoy up-close encounters thanks to the animal treat buckets you get at the entrance. There is also a Reptile House and a turtle petting area.

Harmony Park bison

Paso Fino Farm

Located in Hazel Green, AL this beautiful horse farm is a great place for a Date Night or a kid’s birthday party. Horse lovers & families will really enjoy the guided trail rides around the farm, and after your ride you can brush the horses and give them a treat!

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Baby Ducks at Big Spring

It’s just not springtime in Huntsville without a visit to Big Spring Park to see the fluffy new baby ducks. Be sure to bring pocket change for the duck food dispensers (not bread!), and if you want to make a day of it, a picnic lunch. If you’re really feeling adventurous, go on a Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt around downtown Huntsville!

baby ducks



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  • Stephenie: What about KidVenture’s critters? We have lizards, birds, a rabbit, rats, and snakes. We frequently allow kids to pet them. I would love to have us mentioned on this list.


    • You’re so right! Kidventure is a GREAT place to go to visit furry friends. Thanks for the reminder!

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