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20 Things to Do this Spring in Huntsville with Kids

20 Things to Do this Spring in Huntsville with Kids

20 things to do this Spring with Kids 2018

The dogwoods and tulip trees are in bloom and the daffodils can be found in clusters all over North Alabama. The clocks have officially sprung forward. It’s Spring in Huntsville! You know what that means – it’s time to see how many things your family can cross off our Must List. Even if you don’t do all 25 things we guarantee you’ll have a blast trying!

  1. Connect with nature through LEGOS and search for shamrocks.
  2. Watch a movie in a state-of-the-art theater and do some hands-on science.
  3. Rock out with Jason & help buy an ambulance for kids.
  4. Visit the barnyard on the mountain at Burritt.
  5. Be enchanted by a Fairy Godmother.
  6. Become a character in your favorite picture book.
  7. See The Wizard and have dinner with Dorothy & the Gang.
  8. Have dessert with 7 dwarves and watch a princess dance.
  9. Take a hike through the wildflowers.
  10. Frolic in Looney Land with a bunch of dolls.
  11. Slide on your lederhosen and swig a stein under the Saturn V.
  12. Boogie by the back dock & have a Good Day at Lowe Mill.
  13. Suck a mud bug and dance the zydeco.
  14. Snuggle with baby animals at the farm.
  15. Ooh and aaah over the fireworks and celebrate The Arts in Huntsville.
  16. Sample the sweetness of Spring strawberries.
  17. Explore Huntsville on a free guided tour.
  18. Watch the wonder of a hot air balloon festival.
  19. Meet an alien with a live symphony.
  20. Get messy and have some preschool painting fun.

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