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Storytime & Open Art Play at Spirited Art Huntsville


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Storytime & Open Art Play at Spirited Art Huntsville

Spirited Art Huntsville

There’s a new art-driven education resource for kids in town and it’s amazing! I took my kids to the new Storytime & Open Art Play session at Spirited Art Huntsville.

Spirited art is located in the old Stone Middle School on Clinton Avenue. The school was closed in 2009 and the building was finally sold to a developer in 2014. Instead of tearing it down, it is now at the heart of a new and revitalized part of town called Campus 805, that not only celebrates the history of the building, but also the future, as small businesses and restaurants grow and serve our community from within its walls.

Spirited Art Huntsville

We participated in their new painting class for preschoolers, and it was such a neat experience for my kids to walk up the stairs and through the halls. They asked about the lockers and the different rooms that held a variety of businesses. When we got to the right “classroom” we were greeted with a bright sign and smiling faces.

Spirited Art Huntsville

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The Open Art Play Class

Aprons were passed out to protect their clothes, and the class started with a couple age appropriate books about classic art and different styles of painting. Once done, the different art mediums were introduced on the table and paper was passed out. We started with the paint, and the kids started creating. They were allowed to create as many projects as they wanted, and use any art mediums they preferred.

Periodically, our wonderful “teacher”, would call their attention to a new way to use something, or how it looked to combine more than one thing together. Our time there was structured but wonderfully unstructured as well! There was no “painting outside the lines” or specified “project” to complete. They were free to create and experiment however they wanted. It was wonderful, and super interesting to look at the type of art they created and comparing that style to their personalities.

Each creation was lined up by the rainbow paint chip wall to dry and at the end they got to choose which art piece was their favorite, and have a photo taken with their own handiwork.

So enough about them…

One Mom’s Opinion

I have a little confession. The thought of paint in young hands gives me an eye twitch! I have such good memories of creating with paint growing up, and I am admittedly a sucker for just about ALL craft mediums. But the thought of voluntarily having ONE MORE MESS to clean up on top of 5 kids and homeschooling (they are ALWAYS here) it’s just more than I am willing to submit myself to in my home.

I honestly can’t remember having so much fun with my kids while they simultaneously had access to messy art supplies. It made me happy. It made them happy. It was educational. We made a wonderful memory, and I got to actually enjoy it, knowing that if something spilled, it wasn’t a big deal and at the end, I wouldn’t have to clean up anything!

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It was amazing.

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While we are talking about me… I stumbled across their events calendar, and in addition to their normal painting classes for kids as well as adults, they also have pop up classes that teach all sorts of other art mediums in addition to painting. I am thinking I may need to plan a girls night soon!

So to sum up. The location is cool, the environment is educational, the resources are plentiful, the decorations are colorful, the kids were engaged, the parents were relaxed, and the clean-up was nonexistent. What’s not to love?

Spirited Art Huntsville Class Details

Hours: Check their calendar for class times
Location: 2620 Clinton Ave. W. Classroom #217
Huntsville, AL 35805
Contact: 256-883-3353 |
View Website | Spirited Art Huntsville on Facebook

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