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50 Things to Do This Summer in Huntsville (with Kids)

50 Things to Do This Summer in Huntsville (with Kids)

With a full summer ahead of you, now is the perfect time to create a summer bucket list of fun activities you want to do with your family. Kids (and adults) will enjoy making the plans almost as much as following through on them.

Here at Rocket City Mom, we asked our writers for their “Must-Dos” and came up with 50 of our own summer favorites to help inspire you. Most importantly, however you spend your summer, be sure to have lots of fun!

The Definitive RCM Summer Bucket List

  1. Get Wacky on a Wednesday at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.
  2. Run the bases after a game at The Joe.
  3. Arrive on the Rocket City Mom red carpet at Babypalooza.
  4. Get VERY wet at Brahan Springs Park’s Everybody Can Play splashpad
  5. Literally, a splashpad for everybody.
    Literally, a splashpad for everybody.
  6. Ride the rails for Father’s Day at North Alabama Railroad Museum.
  7. Enjoy FREE live music almost any day of the week.
  8. Experience a drive-in movie at Cinemagic in Athens.
  9. Check out a few great books at Huntsville Madison Co. Public Libraries.
  10. Athens Kiddie Carnival starts June 26th
    Athens Kiddie Carnival starts June 26th
  11. Buy some cotton candy at the Athens Kiddie Carnival.
  12. Play a round of cornhole at DittoFest.
  13. Chill in the air-conditioning at a free summer movie.
  14. Spend a Tuesday on a Trail with North Alabama Landtrust.
  15. Find a food truck and enjoy some lunch al fresco.
  16. Be a prospector for the day at Burritt on the Mountain’s Treasure Hunt at Gold Mountain.
  17. Make a Playdate at Hays.
  18. Swim like the fishies with the help of a few lessons.
  19. children girl swimming underwater with goggles and funny gesture

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  20. Rock out Hogwarts-style at the Main Library.
  21. Three words – Christmas Yard Sale (in June)!
  22. Play a GIANT game of croquet with a couple of Alice’s friends.
  23. Wear your water wings at the YMCA Pool Party!
  24. Pick a camp, any camp and broaden some horizons.
  25. See a show that’s out of this world.
  26. Feast on Funnel Cake fries.
  27. Work on your bowling skills and train for a “turkey” at AMF – all free!
  28. Stroll for some art in downtown Huntsville.
  29. Go Into the Woods with IMP.
  30. Drop in and Create at the Huntsville Art Museum.
  31. Take a little Vacation at Bible School.
  32. Get crafty with your kids.
  33. noccalulafalls

  34. Figure out how to pronounce Noccalula by visiting Noccalula Falls.
  35. Pose with some Babydoll sheep at 1818 Farms.
  36. Get the sillies out while still keeping cool at Pump it Up .
  37. Cheer on the home soccer team at John Hunt Park. (Go Rocket City United!)
  38. Watch a free movie under the stars.
  39. Get lost in a spacey maze, then find your way out.
  40. Make an explosive fireworks hat. Yep.
  41. Eat the freshest popsicle you’re ever had.
  42. Meet a talking tree.
  43. Go duck hunting in downtown Huntsville.
  44. Gather your crew and sail on a giant pirate ship.
  45. Learn where that second fork goes at Manners Camp.
  46. Spot a specter on Dead Children’s Playground at Maple Hill Cemetery.
  47. Observe a 30 ft inflatable rocket (and other space themed fun) in downtown Huntsville.
  48. Join in an impromptu drum circle in Big Spring Park.
  49. Spend a Saturday perusing and patronizing the Southeast’s largest center for the arts.
  50. Visit the beach in just one hour at Spring Valley Beach waterpark.
  51. How Huntsville does fireworks.
    How Huntsville does fireworks.
  52. Catch a fireworks show that’s Space-tacular!
  53. Give the kids their own space, or kingdom, at Kids’ Space (HSV) or Kids’ Kingdom (Madison).
  54. Take a selfie in front of The Frozen Waterfall at Cathedral Caverns.
  55. Enjoy your family. Whatever you choose to do this summer, make sure you spend a little time just relaxing and enjoying the time you have together. They grow up way too fast!

Wishing You a Great Summer!


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  • Families can also race in the Mountain Deux at the 3 Caves on June 7th. It’s a trail run & swim for all ages – run on the Land Trust trails, then swim laps in the Mountain Springs pool.

  • Thank you for this list. I am visiting family in Huntsville this summer and had no idea how to entertain my young kids while there, since I’m not from the area. So this list is a life saver! We may even have to visit grandpa more often now…We will be compulsively checking the site as we prepare for our trip there. Thanks again!

    • Glad it could be helpful & possibly helped Grandparents score some extra visits!

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