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Dublin Park: Madison


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Dublin Park: Madison

Address: 8324 Madison Pike, Madison, AL, 35758 (map)

Located just off of Hughes and Madison Pike, this park is the “crown jewel” of Madison’s park system. With 60 acres and a recreation facility (indoor and outdoor pool, gymnasium, etc.) this park offers something for almost everyone. There are walking trails, lots of soccer and baseball fields, disc golf, etc.

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The big hit with most parents – Kids’ Kingdom. This playground is usually busy with families which makes it a great place to meet other people with kids if you are new to town (or just don’t know many people with kids). It is also well-shaded, a great respite from the heat in Alabama’s summer months. While there is play equipment for children of all ages, the bulk of the playground is for children at least four years of age. If you take your toddler, be prepared to follow them closely or stick to the swings since much of the climbing play area is too difficult for little ones. It is PERFECT though for children K+ who have a lot of energy to burn.

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In addition to the wonderful shade, there are plenty of places for adults to sit and restrooms are located inside the play area. Word of caution: Much of the equipment is metal and some of it does get sun and can get very hot. Be aware of this and check before letting little ones with bare skin slide.


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  • This is one of our most favorite parks in the area. There is a lot of shade, it’s fenced-in, it’s big, and there are bathrooms. Great place to play!

    • Heather

      Love your comment it is so big and love the fast that it is fence in to. Do you still live here?

  • Love this park! So much fun! My kids love this park and beg me to go!! E love not fare so we go all the time 😋😋😋😋😋

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