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Home(wood Suites) for the Holidays

Home(wood Suites) for the Holidays

Holidays are all about family. Big family feasts, long visits with Grandma and Grandpa and all the while the kids are running around the house getting into trouble with their cousins. If your family lives close, most of the organizing revolves around arranging the menu and determining who is bringing what.

But, if you or your family has to travel many hours to get together, the holidays get a lot more complicated. Where will everyone sleep? Is your entire family eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your home? Are you signing up to entertain all your guests for their entire visit? It can be so daunting that you may think twice about offering to host but I’ve got a solution for you – Homewood Suites by Hilton at the Village of Providence.

Close But Not TOO Close

This summer, our second daughter was born and when she was just a few weeks old my newly engaged sister called to ask if she could come down to visit. She wanted to see the baby and introduce her fiancée. They were getting married in October and she wanted us to meet at least once before the wedding. I didn’t want to say no because I wanted to see her, but the idea of having guests stay at our home and disrupt what little routine we had was overwhelming. I was honest and told her that I was barely getting a shower in each day and the thought of having people stay with us was less than thrilling.

Homewood Suites at Village of Providence

Then my husband suggested we offer to put them up at a hotel and immediately I knew we had to have them stay at Homewood Suites. It was close to our house and solved so many of our problems. I’d still get to see my sister and meet her fiancée but I didn’t have to worry about cooking for them, entertaining them, or keeping them up all night.

Traveling With Kids, No Problem

They have an outdoor pool and patio area that is open all year long for the whole family to enjoy–there are even grills you can cook with! Every suite includes daily complimentary full hot breakfast, and complimentary hot dinner with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (Monday-Thursday). Wi-fi is also complimentary as is printing/faxing, parking, DVD rentals (lots of kid friendly ones) and local calls.

Homewood Suites also has a 24-hour guest laundry facility with cleaning supplies by the front desk. If your visitors are staying for an extended time and they are too busy to shop for groceries, from Monday through Friday one of the hotel staff members will go grocery shopping for them at no cost (food cost will be billed to your room.) Just fill out the grocery list located in the room and get the list to them by 8AM to return to your suite with a stocked fridge by the end of the day.

So if you’d like to host your family’s holiday festivities but you’ve been concerned about having enough space for everyone, cooking all those meals or just entertaining everyone the entire time, consider Homewood Suites at the Village of Providence. It might just be a perfect fit!


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