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Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

So, for the past several months our chief editor, Jennifer, has been writing a lot about her pregnancy and impending arrival of her second baby. We’re happy to officially announce her new little one was born last week and everyone is doing well!

In honor of Baby Iris’s arrival, I’ve put together a look back at all the great pregnancy posts Jennifer wrote – she shared her experiences with you, and many readers have followed her journey closely. Whether you’re expecting yourself or NEVER going there again, this collection of Greatest RCM Pregnancy Posts will make you laugh and, hopefully, make you think.

Jennifer will be back after the babymoon, but wanted to thank the good people at Crestwood Medical Center for their wonderful care and treatment during her stay. Her room was comfortable, and the staff were attentive and helpful, something all new parents should have the pleasure of experiencing during their L&D hospital stay.

If you’d like to leave Iris a “hello” comment below, I’m sure she and her Mom would love to hear from you! A little cheer and spirits-lifting can go a long way for a new mom.

Why I Hired a Doula

The other person that played an integral role in baby’s debut (besides her husband!) was Jenn’s doula, Brittany. She helped write birth plans, accompanied Jennifer at doctor visits, and was on-hand to make sure her experience went smoothly.

Maternity Swimwear = Cruel Joke

“As beautiful as the miracle of pregnancy and birth are, they don’t go hand in hand with looking good in a swimsuit.” ‘Nuff said. The photos in this post alone will make you howl with laughter.

Pregnancy Made Me a Liar

What would make Jennifer tell a bald-face lie to a total stranger? Two words: due date.

Childbirth Classes in Huntsville

RCM did all the work for local expectant mothers when we posted about the various childbirth class options in town. Moms-to-Be need to bookmark this one.

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Doulas offer support throughout pregnancy and labor and can even offer postpartum support in some cases.

Is One Sex Easier to Raise?

“Separation by sex is the most basic way we have of identifying people and it’s a pretty GIANT part of who you are. What role nature and nurture play in that is up for debate, but there is no question that boys and girls are very different.” Our readers weighed in on this subject in the comments. To date, the issue remains unresolved.

Let It All Hang Out

In which Jennifer details why maternity clothes is one of the best parts of being pregnant, and why the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” phone app is only good for its countdown tracker. The rest is useless drivel.

Pregnancy Isn’t Always Pretty

Jennifer does a little comparing and contrasting of her pre-and-post-pregnancy self and how it’s all worth it in the end. (Nothing a little Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp can’t fix anyway.)

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Aka, The Announcement Post, waaaaaaay back in January. It seems like years ago, but that was the first post about Iris, as well as the official announcement that the little Rocket City Mom website was growing by leaps and bounds!


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