Letting It All Hang Out

After last month’s article on all the things I didn’t like about pregnancy, I thought it only fair to acknowledge there are a few perks that come with being with child. No cleaning the cat litter is a big one. No lifting “heavy” objects (and pretty much everything is heavy when you’re pregnant) is another. But my favorite has to be maternity clothes. I KNOW, it sounds crazy but hear me out.


Recently, I downloaded the What to Expect When You’re Expecting app on my iPhone. It’s full of all kinds of useless information and tips such as:

Dads and Sex: Be sure you realize during these early weeks that she might be too nauseated to be in the mood.

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REALLY? Is there a man alive that needs to be told that hitting his wife up for sex while her head is in the toilet is a bad idea?

Anyway, I downloaded the app because I like the Countdown Tracker – Only 25 weeks and 2 days to go! Plus, I can’t get enough of the Baby Size Estimater that tells you how big your baby is in relation to fruit. 12 weeks = lime; 13 weeks= lemon.

Then, the other day I got this good news,

Congratulations, you are now entering your 2nd trimester. By now you’re probably looking more pregnant and ready to buy some maternity clothes as your baby moves up from your pelvis and into your abdomen.

THANK GOD! This has to be my absolute favorite perk of pregnancy. It is finally socially acceptable to let my gut hang out after years of having to suck it in.

Are most maternity clothes horrendous? Yes.

But look on the bright side. For the first time in your life since you were a toddler, you can walk around with a big old gut and people think it’s adorable. Enjoy it Mama! Plus, our options are a million times better than what our mothers had.


Looking for your own maternity fashions? Find some great online inspiration at our Pinterest board or check out this list of local stores that carry mom-to-be styles. Did we miss one of your favs? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add it to this list.

  • Old Navy at Bridgestreet
  • Kohl’s (Madison and Jones Valley)
  • Target
  • Burlington Coat Factory