Crestwood Offers New Option for New Moms

After reading my pregnancy announcement here a few weeks ago, Stephanie Sarah (I blame pregnancy brain for that mistake) over at Crestwood Medical Center called me to say congratulations and to invite me to take a tour of their new LDRP rooms. “Do you know what an LDRP room is,” she asked. No, I admitted I had no idea. Then she told me they were rooms designed for the Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum processes. Mom, Dad, Baby (and whoever else is invited) stay in the same room throughout the hospital stay. The rooms are large so they can accommodate all the moving around and activity that surrounds labor and birth and they are usually decorated to look more “homey” and less like a hospital room.

Turns out I DID know what an LDRP room was but I didn’t realize it. When I had my daughter in 2008, we lived in North Carolina and the only rooms in the maternity center were LDRP rooms. I just assumed all hospital maternity centers were like that now. So when Sarah told me that in fact, Crestwood was the first (and currently only) hospital in the area with these rooms I was a bit surprised.

Also, REALLY GLAD they are here now. Just in time for ME.

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So yesterday I took a tour of the new rooms with my friend Laura who is expecting her third child in June. Our tour guide was Donna Ammons, RN, BSN, MSN, and director of Women and Children’s Services. Donna is a super sweet woman and just the kind of nurse you’d want in charge of a maternity center. She, along with maternity nurse and RCM fan Molly Harvey, proudly showed off the three new LDRP rooms which are located on the 2nd floor along with the other LDR rooms, the postpartum rooms, the nursery, NICU, and OB operating room. As you can see below, the rooms are very nice and designed to recreate a home like environment.

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The nurses took great care in decorating the rooms and it shows.

My husband was especially excited to hear that there is a pull out bed inside those couches with a real mattress (something the rooms in our North Carolina hospital did not provide). The rooms are very spacious and the goal is to make EVERYONE involved comfortable. There is even a game/play area right outside the rooms for older siblings.

Rocking chair, baby "crib", couch, bed, and TV what more could you want?

If you want to go check it out for yourself, Crestwood is holding an Open House tomorrow (Thursday, January 26) from 11 AM – 2 PM with refreshments provided by the Crestwood Cafe. If you can’t make it on Thursday but are interested in getting your own personal tour, email Donna at and be sure and tell her that Jennifer from Rocket City Mom said “Hi!”.

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To learn more about Crestwood Maternity Center including information on their free prenatal classes, visit their website here.