Childbirth Classes in Huntsville

At 22 weeks pregnant I’m starting to look VERY pregnant. I’m also beginning to realize that I have a lot to do and time is RUNNING OUT. How did that happen? I’ve got a ton of decisions to make to get ready for this second baby. What color are we going to paint the nursery? How much time am I going to take off work? What are we going to do with our daughter when we are at the hospital?

Oh, and what kind of a birth experience do I want? Medicated? Non-medicated? VBAC? C-section? I need to get prepared.

Luckily, Huntsville has a lot of options when it comes to preparing for my upcoming childbirth experience. Now all I have to do is make a decision.

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Bradley Method

Jennifer Berry is a certified Bradley method instructor and offers Saturday classes at her home in SE Huntsville and teaches Monday evening classes A Nurturing Moment maternity boutique. It is recommended that you sign up by your 26th week if possible, so that you have plenty of time to finish before you reach full term. Classes cost $350, with a non-refundable $50 deposit to hold your space. Included in the cost of classes is an official Student Workbook, handouts on pregnancy, birth, and parenting, a local resource guide, and ’round-the-clock access to her knowledge and experience. Classes includes video enrichment, relaxation/labor practice, and demonstrations to help prepare you for the birth of your child. Each class series is limited to 5 couples so that everyone gets plenty of individual attention.

Crestwood Maternity Center

Crestwood offers several prenatal classes at their facility and these courses are open to anyone regardless of where they are planning to deliver. Best of all they are all free. These classes include: Prepared Childbirth Class, Breastfeeding Class, Sibling Class, Daddy’s Baby Boot Camp, Grandparenting Class, and Newborn Care. In addition to these free courses, Crestwood also offers a Sweet Success program for moms who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and a parenting course called “Now What? Preparing for Your Parenting Journey.” The cost of the Sweet Success program is usually paid for by insurance and the one-day parenting class is $65.

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Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children

Like Crestwood, Huntsville Hospital offers a series of prepared childbirth classes that will help you learn more about the stages of labor, different types of medication and anesthesia, basic newborn care and more. There is a fee associated with these courses. The Prepared Childbirth class is two or four weeks (see schedule at link above) and cost $50. You do receive a discount if you combine this course with another of their offerings such as Breastfeeding or Parenting.

Hire a Doula

Finally, if a class isn’t your thing but you feel like you might need help/guidance/support before, during, and after the birthing process, you might want to consider hiring a doula. There are a few local doulas working in the Huntsville/Madison area and you can search the link above to connect to those listed. UPDATED: Thanks to a note from one of our readers, here are two more good sites to look for local doulas: and

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See “Motherhood the Musical”

Okay, so technically, it’s not a requirement of preparing for the baby but I doubt I’m going to be seeing much of anything out on the town after July so I’m going to get myself to the theater for a Girl’s Night Out while I can. Plus, thanks to today’s Living Social deal I’m going to do it for 50% off! Click here to get tickets for a Wednesday night show for only $21!

Did I miss anything? Please leave any information you have in the comments and I’ll work on adding it to this page as a resource for local moms looking for childbirth class information.