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Call the Midwife – Certified Midwives in North Alabama

Call the Midwife – Certified Midwives in North Alabama

While the term midwife may conjure up an image of a woman in some old time village or perhaps the prim red and blue uniform from a certain PBS television show, certified midwives are experienced medical professionals that can play an important role in a pregnancy.

A midwife is an individual that has obtained some level of formal obstetrician training – or has some level of medical background. Like doulas, they can also offer support and guidance during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum; but have the medical knowledge to deliver a baby. Below we go over the different types of midwives and include a list of certified midwives that serve the North Alabama area.

Certified Nurse-Midwife

In addition to earning a graduate degree and certification as a midwife, a certified nurse-midwife also holds a Registered Nurse License. They may have practiced as a Registered Nurse before obtaining their midwife training or earned it while completing the training. Think a certified nurse-midwife is right for you? Find a list of CNMs below.

Certified Professional Midwife

Much like a CNM, a certified professional midwife holds a graduate degree and certification as a midwife. While they are not Registered Nurses, they have completed extensive health and medical training. Find a list of local CPMs below.

Licensed Midwife

A licensed midwife has earned certification through taking classes, having preceptorships, and through supervised clinical training. Find a list of LMs below.

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