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Top 5 Reasons to Walk 4 Midwives

Top 5 Reasons to Walk 4 Midwives

[box type=”1″] EDITOR’S NOTE: Here at RCM we are big proponents of our moms having a say in the type of care they have and the type of birth experience they want. Because of that, we are VERY supportive of the work being done by the Alabama Birth Coalition and hope to see you on Saturday to show your support as well.
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  1. 36 Alabama Counties Have No Obstetric Care

    Alabama NEEDS midwives to fill in the gap, and give more woman access to good prenatal care. The Alabama Department of Public Health found that in 2011, 27% of Alabama white women and over 30% of Alabama black women lacked adequate prenatal care. (More info: here and here.)

  2. The Current System Is Failing Alabama Babies

    Alabama has some of the worst infant mortality rates in the nation. Alabama’s black babies die at over 2 times the rate that white babies do. In 2011, Alabama received an F from the March of Dimes for our prematurity rate (a leading cause of infant mortality). Increasing access to trained midwives could provide cost affordable, quality prenatal care, to work towards reducing Alabama’s prematurity rates and infant mortality problem. (More Info: here and here.)

  3. The Current System Is Failing Alabama Mothers

    Over one in three women giving birth in Alabama hospitals will have a cesarean section. The extreme numbers of Cesarean sections put Alabama mothers at increased risk for infection, hemorrhage, blood clots, injury to organs, and even maternal death. (More info: here and here and here.)

  4. Walk 4 Midwives is About Working Together

    Alabama Birth Coalition is committed to healthier moms and babies. The spirit of the walk is to unite health professionals to work together. Alabama Birth Coalition works for the day when not only can families seeking midwifery care freely access it, but also for the day when doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, EMTs, chiropractors, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, doulas and all other health professionals work respectfully together to provide better outcomes for Alabama’s moms and babies.

  5. Alabama Families Deserve Options

    Families who choose to birth out-of-hospital in Alabama deserve better options than birthing alone, hiring a midwife who risks prosecution, or having to cross state lines to access a licensed midwife. All Alabama babies deserve access to a licensed care provider whether they are born at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital.



Who: Anyone who wants to show their support for women in Alabama having a choice about how they give birth
Where: Big Spring Park
When: Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 10 AM
Tickets: $15/$25 Individual Walker/Family
On the Web: For more information or to purchase tickets, visit
Note: The event will include FREE breakfast (provided by Earth Fare), door prizes, a pro-midwife stroller/wagon/sling contest, and local business vendors.


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