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Get Some DIY Fall Sparkle

Get Some DIY Fall Sparkle

When it comes to picking a favorite season, Fall is a no-brainer for me. I love the cooler temps, the fresh smell in the air, the falling leaves and, of course, Halloween. To help welcome Fall, I’m going to show you how to create a leaf monogram.

I love creating seasonal monograms. They personalize a front door or add warmth and whimsy to any room in the house when hung over a mirror or inside a frame; the possibilities are endless! For a fabulous fall monogram with loads of sparkle, you’ll need a few supplies…

Supply List

– A wooden or chipboard monogram (easily available at Hobby Lobby)
– Fake or real leaves (if fake, I suggest “waxing” them so they last.)
Mod Podge
– A variety of glitter (Martha Stewart’s is my favorite since it is so fine.)
– A sponge brush or two
– A container for glitter (I “borrow” roasting pans.)
– A hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Optional: ribbon, paint or glitter spray paint, additional “pre-glittered” leaves in various sizes.

Step 1: gather your supplies.

Get Started!

My first step was to paint my letter with Krylon Glitterblast Spray Paint. I have a love/hate relationship with it; it’s pricey and fickle and doesn’t always spray evenly but it provides great coverage and is fast. Other options are to wrap your letter in ribbon or paint it a solid color. If you elect to wrap your monogram in a ribbon, choose one without wire and tack it periodically with a dot of hot glue.

While it was drying, I glitterized the leaves. I suggest using leaves that have a bit of wire in them so that you can easily mess with the layout and positioning. For glitter, I used a gold, green, yellow, orange and red and mixed up different combinations in the pan, coated a leaf with Mod Podge, pressed it into the glitter mixture, shook it off and laid it, glitter side up, to dry. You can also do all your leaves the same color—it’s really up to you.

Glitter-bombed leaves are the BEST.

Once everything dried, I began by cutting the stems off the leaves and playing with how I wanted them to look on my ‘M’. I did use some smaller, pre-glittered leaves that I had picked up at the Dollar Tree just to provide a little difference in size and sparkle. Once I was pleased with the position, I began hot gluing them in place. Some of the leaves I chose to wrap around the back and tack in place with a bit of glue to preserve the shape of the letter. Others I left as-is. Again, it’s really up to your own vision.

If you’d like to use your monogram as a wreath, tack a bit of ribbon to the box and create a loop so that you can slide it over a wreath hanger. A large bow at the top or the ribbon loop looks lovely. Mine is going in an empty frame in our den.

Have any questions? Want to share a picture of your creation? Make a note in the comments.

Happy Fall ya’ll!


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