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Childbirth Classes Continue to Bring Expectant Families Together

Childbirth Classes Continue to Bring Expectant Families Together

My mom likes to joke that when I was born I was too busy looking around and being nosey to even cry. Couple that with a journalism background and a Type A personality, and you’ve got someone that loves to know things and be prepared. So when I saw those two lines on my pregnancy test back in October, one of the first things I did (after telling my husband to start working on his dad jokes) was research everything I could find about childbirth and pregnancy.

After falling down a Google rabbit hole on birth plans and all sorts of opinions about pain management options, I ended up feeling more overwhelmed than informed and took an approach that I very rarely do – put it off for future Lauren to handle. Now at the end of my second trimester, I finally recovered enough to register for a Childbirth Class with Huntsville Hospital.

Reasons to Consider Taking a Childbirth Class at Huntsville Hospital

Know What to Expect

Unless you’ve taken a parenting class at some point in your life or been there with someone you’re close to, it’s likely that the only exposure you’ve had to childbirth is through Hollywood. This class does a great job of taking away the drama and giving you the facts. I especially liked that the instructor has worked in labor and delivery and bring lots of personal experience to the table.

After having hyped myself up in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how the class would help my “pre-game jitters,” but I found myself feeling much more calm and prepared after the class. Although there was lots of information to cover, I did not leave feeling overwhelmed and felt like they covered the topics well. They also did a great job of allowing participants time to ask for clarification or any questions.

Topics included:

  • Signs of labor and when to go to the hospital.
  • What to expect at the hospital including room amenities, visitation policies, etc.
  • The stages of labor and what to expect in each of them.
  • The types of delivery (vaginal and cesarean section) and what can be expected from each of them.
  • Recovery from each of the types of delivery.
  • Pain management options (both medicinal options and therapeutic options like warm baths etc.)
  • Ways for the support person to be there for the laboring individual.
  • Things to look out for after delivery.

Value Your Time

In addition to working full-time and having prenatal appointments every couple of weeks, I’m also currently setting up our new home while my husband is deployed. Busy is an understatement, which is why I was especially excited to see that the Childbirth Class covers everything in a single go. This is a great class with lots of content to cover, so I definitely recommend having dinner plans ready beforehand. It’s a great night for a Crockpot meal!

An Opportunity to Include Your Support Person

This class is helpful for both expecting mamas and their support person. The instructor does a great job of not only explaining what mom can expect, but explaining how that might impact what she needs from her support person. They cover everything from ways to support mom during labor to how to be there afterwards in the fourth trimester.

How to Register

You can view a complete list of upcoming dates and register here. Classes are $50 for in person and free for Zoom classes.

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