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The Great Huntsville Bake-Off: Can You Help Bake Cookies for Healthcare Workers?

The Great Huntsville Bake-Off: Can You Help Bake Cookies for Healthcare Workers?

One local mom is looking for a few good bakers to help her as she heads up a cookie drive for our local healthcare workers. Jenni Wood is a Huntsville realtor who wants to do something to show the diligent medical professionals at Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Hospital a little Christmas spirit.

Jenni was compelled to do something kind after reading a local nurse’s account about caring for Covid patients.

“I read an article where they interviewed an RN at HSV Hospital in the COVID unit. She described a very bleak situation and it broke my heart. She asked for prayers which I am happy to give, but I kept thinking surely to goodness there’s something else I can do. I thought about those healthcare workers isolating from family during the holidays, or working DURING the holidays, and how lonely that must feel. That’s when the cookie idea came to mind! I figured who doesn’t love cookies? Admittedly it’s a small gesture and way less than these heroes deserve, but I want to show them how grateful the community is for their hard work and sacrifice. I want to show them that they may be alone, but they are not forgotten this holiday season.”

So if you’re already baking for the season, why not add an extra dozen to your efforts for these healthcare heroes? If you’re not a baker, you can help out by dropping off cards or notes of encouragement.

How to Participate

The goal is 2,000-plus cookies to give to COVID and ER units at Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood Hospital, and other hospitals in the Huntsville Hospital system. Of all the people that need a cookie right now, they are at the top of the list!

  • Bake some delicious cookies (or if you’re in a time crunch buy some delicious cookies!).
  • Wrap them individually as requested by the hospital.
  • Email Jenni so she can add them to her cookie count.
  • Deliver your cookies to the drop-off point on December 20th – thank you notes of encouragement are also welcome!

Cookie Drop-Off Instructions

After putting your individually-wrapped cookies together, please deliver to:
Where: Parking lot of 2101 Clinton Avenue West, Huntsville (map)
When: Sunday, December 20th, between 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Jenni will coordinate cookie delivery to Huntsville Hospital on December 21, and Crestwood Hospital on December 22. The hospitals request that the cookies be wrapped individually. Be sure to practice safe baking methods, and please refrain from participating if you currently have Covid.

Got questions? Email Jenni at

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