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Awesome Moms of Huntsville: Aimee Minter

Awesome Moms of Huntsville: Aimee Minter

Aimee Minter family

Aimee Minter is a glass completely full kind of person – none of this half-full stuff for her. She’s also one of Huntsville’s biggest cheerleaders. You’ll see her and her sweet family at almost every community festival and every fun must-see Huntsville event. Always with an encouraging word and a smile, all of us at RCM look forward to seeing Aimee out and about when we’re covering local events.

Recently we got to talk with Aimee about what makes her tick. Let’s learn more about her and why we think she’s an Amazing Mom of Huntsville!

Her Passions

Enjoying Life! Ok, that’s the really short answer. Living life, being a mom, enjoying life’s wonderful moments, bringing joy and smiles when I can – those really are my true passions. As a mom I’m trying to enjoy life and also live life showing my kids that there’s so much good out there. We go to so many events and explore beautiful locations. We live in a beautiful world filled with beautiful people surrounded by so much beauty and if you/they can’t see the beauty, then BE the beautiful! Be the reason someone smiles. Share your smile! Share your happiness. Be kind, be nice, compliment someone, help someone out, be a friend, give a hug (or elbow bump), do the small things that bring someone else happiness.

While doing that also look around and enjoy the wonderful things in life. We volunteer as a family, I’m part of a few Facebook groups that help spread cheer, and we try to be kind and show love in everything we do, plus so much more! Sometimes we just don’t see the good in front of us, sometimes it’s the news, sometimes you’re having a bad day, or sometimes we’re too busy with work and school to see it. Take a few moments and look around you. There really is so much beauty to see!

Aimee’s Motherhood Journey (So Far)

It’s definitely been a journey! Becoming a mom has been one of my greatest adventures. I’m definitely glad that my mom card will never end. I stay busy – I always have. I have many hobbies and work a lot. Too much, in my opinion, but I always TRY to make time for my family. I was young and a little wild before kids, but when they say having children changes you it really does and nothing anybody tells you will prepare you!

When my kids were babies I would read with them and sit on the floor to play with them. When my kids were in elementary school I always made time to bake cookies and do crafts. I plan fun things to do and making sure that we had quality time with each other. I also try to find things that I did or wanted to do as a kid that we can do as a family. One of the many is travel. I want our kids to see new places and experience different things.

I do have to remind myself to let them be kids and let them just play sometimes. Now they’ve grown a lot and are no longer so small, I have busy teens now! They have school, friends, and many other activities, but we always make time to do things as a family. I still bake the cookies, do fun things like comic conventions, going to Huntsville Havoc hockey games, explore new places, or seeing shows with my family, but I also remember to sit back and enjoy a good cup of coffee or a great glass of wine.

Her Quest for Balance

Striving for balance is tricky, but Aimee shares her own tips that work for her. 

  • Put family first! Kids get sick, husband’s get sick. Yes, even you mom. We get sick. Take the time to take care of what ills your family and yourself.
  • Make time for the fun! Plan movie or game nights with the kids or go to the park whatever is fun to do with the kids.
  • Plan family trips away from work. It can be a staycation or travel – we love traveling!
  • Be sure you enjoy the Holidays.
  • Your house does not need to be perfectly clean 100% of the time. Some thing will always need to be cleaned. It can wait until tomorrow go enjoy your kids…. or even make more of a mess with the kids.
  • Keep work at work. Don’t bring home your work if possible. If you are working from home have a dedicated spot for your work, once your done with work move on and close that book until your next day.
  • Don’t forget date nights with your husband or significant other. Sometimes we forget this. We’re always busy with work or kids. Take the time to enjoy each other and remember why you love each other.
  • Last, but not least take care of yourself! Take time even if it’s 5 minutes before your kids wake up or a little time after they’re in bed, or 10 minutes before work. Read a book, jam to some music, do your nails, go take a shower, enjoy that cup of coffee, or glass of wine, whatever helps you unwind and Breathe.

Her Rocket City Favorites

My weekend kind of starts on Thursday, We like to go to the Farmer’s Market on Greene Street on Thursday afternoon about 4pm. We get some fresh veggies from the local farmers, a tea from Piper & Leaf, and some popsicles from Suzy’s Pops.

Friday night date night with the hubby under the patio seating at Pane e Vino on a cool fall evening with music playing in Big Spring Park. Sleeping in on Saturday morning (which consists actually Sleeping in until 7 or 8) then go hiking on Monte Sano with the hubby, kids, and our dog and have a picnic lunch. Get home sometime after lunch relax a bit then head to the VBC to catch the Huntsville Havoc Hockey game…. if the Havoc isn’t playing go to a drive in movie which would include sitting in the back of our truck with lots of pillows, blankets, and snacks!

Sunday is sleeping in, service, then a little shopping, and the hubby throwing steaks and the fresh veggies on the grill, then eating a family dinner out in the backyard. If it’s a holiday weekend we’d go to the drive in to catch a movie.

Funniest Parenting Moment

I think the funniest would have to be how both of my kids were toddlers they were complete opposite my son would run everywhere nonstop. My daughter however never ran – instead she would crawl and climb on top of everything then jump. There was one time I thought it was safe to go to the bathroom by myself while she was asleep. I came back into the living room and literally caught her after she had climbed on top of a bookcase and jumped off. She was a little daredevil.

Aimee Shares Her Top Parenting Tip

Don’t forget to enjoy the small moments. As moms we tend to be the parent that always plan things, controls things, and takes the pictures. Put the phone or camera down, let loose a little bit, and just be in those moments.

This song by Kenny Chesney gets me every time.
Best start putting first things first
Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand
You can’t flip it over and start again
Take every breathe God gives you for what it’s worth
Don’t blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did Turning into moms and dads
Don’t blink Life goes faster than you think

It’s exactly that! Life goes by way too fast, definitely faster than we think. Not only is it a good parenting approach, but a great approach for everyone in life. You’ll read and hear me say it a lot. ENJOY each moment as much as you can, because it won’t last forever. Smell the roses, play with your kids, hugs your family, eat the cake! Our kids grow too fast, I feel like it was only yesterday when my kids were in elementary school and couldn’t reach the cookie jar… now I’m the one asking them to reach things for me.

The Super Power She Wishes She Had

Fly! I’d never have to worry about traffic, or not being about to reach things, and can you imagine flying everywhere you could visit so many places without the worrying about traveling fees!?!

Her Playlist

Name the song you think of when you need to:

  • Get your Gameface on: Let’s Get it Started by The Black Eyed Peas
  • Energize yourself: I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett; The Other Side by Hugh Jackman; Just Like Fire by Pink; Footloose by Kenny Loggins
  • Recover from heartbreak: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi and Love a Little Stronger by Alabama
  • Let loose and have fun with your friends: It’s more like a Dance party in the car with the kids… Life is a Highway, by Rascal Flatts and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

Do you know a local mom you think we should feature as an Amazing Rocket City Mom? We want to hear from you about her – send us your ideas and we’ll get in touch!

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