Tales From the Trenches

Sometimes parenting is crazy hard. It’s definitely not always that way and clearly most of it is amazing (or people wouldn’t keep doing it) but sometimes you need a friend to listen to your horror stories and commiserate. That idea, that listening to someone else’s stories about parenting and sharing our own, is the germ that created Tales from the Trenches, our series about how hard and crazy parenting can sometimes be.

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Scary Stories (About Your Kids) to Tell in the Dark

Pet Cemetery, The Shining, Chucky. There’s a reason creepy kids are a hallmark in horror films. We asked local parents to share their creepiest stories and trust us, you want to read these.

underage drinking
The Costs of Underage Drinking

I was shocked at the amount of money it cost for such a charge.

reading to kid book
The One Thing I Never Skip Even Though I’m Exhausted

“These other moms just don’t understand the development of children,” I used to say to my husband, “our children will be different.”

motherhood is a muscle
Motherhood Is A Muscle… And I’m Sore

Motherhood is a muscle. For me, it’s not necessarily about getting better, but getting stronger.

We Let Our Precious Little Angels Curse

My wife and I have worked hard to bring our best selves to being Mom and Dad. The best we’ve got happens to include an executive decision to let cursing fall through the filter.

The Perpetual Exhaustion of Parenting

This is not the cheery self-help post to give you advice on how to do parental self-care. This is just giving you permission to be tired.

uncombable hair syndrome
My Daughter Has Uncombable Hair Syndrome

A rare genetic disease called Uncombable Hair Syndrome has a local mom worried for her daughter and the whispers she might hear as she gets older.

parenting Huntsville
My Son’s Year of Learning

I want to focus on learning. I want to focus on experiences that will shape his life, even at such a young age. And here’s how I’m going to do that.

Cheer and Nausea with Los Shapiros

If you’re looking for a family road trip story gone horribly wrong written in the style of Hunter S. Thompson this is for you – it’s gonzo parenting at its best!

The Truth About Trips – Salt(y) Life vs Social Media

All those awesome family vacations on Facebook and Instagram… Why do OUR vacations never quite work out like what we see on social media?