Spring Valley Beach Waterpark Just a Splash Away

  • 2340 County Hwy 55 Blountsville, AL 35031
  • Open 7 days a week from 10am - 6pm in the summer
  • Opens May 27th
Spring Valley Beach Water Park in Blountsville AL

About an hour south of Huntsville lies a hidden gem filled with summer fun for the entire family. Spring Valley Beach is home to the Southeast’s largest pool (measuring in at a whopping 2 acres!), loads of fun water slides for a wide range of ages, a fantastic kiddie play area, and plentiful amenities for picnicking or grilling. The restroom and changing facilities are clean and well maintained, and there are lockers available for securing your personal items while you splash & play. More than 20 pavilions and gazebos are available to rent and offer a perfect space to escape the sun and set up your picnic. Call ahead to reserve these structures.

Parking Tips You’ll Thank Us For

This is probably the most fun we’ve had on a day trip during our time in Huntsville.

Upon arrival at SVB, you must decide whether you want free parking, or a poolside parking spot. PAY FOR THE POOLSIDE PARKING SPOT! We paid for pool area parking and thought it would be worth it to have the cooler close by and be able to run back for a swim diaper change, or whatever kiddo request emerged. We parked in the first available paved spot and started to unload our gear. What we didn’t realize was that if you drive further in and loop around the side of a big pavilion, there is a huge parking area right by the pool where you can basically tailgate. GENIUS! If you want to park there, be prompt about your arrival time because it does fill up. Also, keep in mind that this family establishment is alcohol free – so I don’t mean THAT kind of tailgating! If you are trying to pare down on your trip expenses, the free parking area is not far at all, and you are allowed to return to your car as needed during your stay.

For our next trip we definitely plan to reserve a pavilion or gazebo. We had a gorgeous day for our water park adventure, but I will admit I had some gazebo envy when we plopped down mid-day for a snack in the hot sun. These would also be ideal for big groups so that everyone has a common place to stash their stuff and picnic together.

Fun to be had for kids of all ages!
Fun to be had for kids of all ages!

For the Littles

With our two boys, ages 3 & 6, we decided to set up camp at a picnic table close to The Kid Zone. This colorful play structure is full of kiddie-sized slides, squirt canons, and a HUGE bucket that slowly fills up and then dumps water on the entire area every so often. My boys loved this area and they spent hours climbing, squirting, dumping, and splashing while squealing with glee. My paranoid, over-protective self was pleased to see that all of the surfaces had good traction, and lifeguards were keeping a watchful eye on the little explorers.

The Kid Zone is at one end of the giant pool, which is basically one huge rectangle. Mid-way down the pool there are 2 sets of waterslides. Two of the slides are tube shaped, and two are open slides that I could take my 3 year-old on my lap. The far end of the pool is where the poolside parking and grilling area is located. This is just a large wide-open area for floating and playing, and also where I saw more teens and adults hanging out if you are going kid-free.

The newest slide at SVB - the 360 Rush!
The 360 Rush slide at SVB!

For the Stronger Swimmers

Separate from the pool and kiddie play area are the larger water slides. Several of these have a 54” height requirement, but my 6 year old found a few that he loved and has been talking about for weeks! One nice feature is that there are a few slides that use double rafts, so you can go with your child… although it did make me realize that my thrill-seeking days aren’t quite what they used to be! The 4-story Sidewinder slide with an intense free fall was at the top of my son’s to-do list, but I nearly peed my pants and was too chicken to go a second time! My favorite slide was The Black Out. This pitch black tunnel speeds through twists and turns down a hillside and is the ultimate in disorientation!

My top travel tip for your day at SVB would be to definitely have enough adults in your group to be able to divide and conquer the various areas so that each kid is able to do their own age-appropriate activity. Even though there isn’t a height limit on a few of the bigger slides, my 3 year old went into panic mode when I took him on my lap down one of the less extreme slides. We quickly headed back to The Kid Zone and spent the rest of the day taking turns escorting my older boy to the big slides. At one point we encountered a young boy who had gotten separated from his family and was riding the slides alone talking about being lost. Yikes! I brought him over to a lifeguard and the SVB crew immediately sprang into action on their walkie talkies to track down his parents.

The Kid Zone at Spring Valley Beach.
The Kid Zone at Spring Valley Beach.

When packing for your trip, be sure to load up on some serious SPF. Unless you are renting a gazebo or pavilion, you will be in the sun all day long. I was so impressed to see that they provide sunscreen near the concession area for those who have forgotten to slather it on! Two thumbs up for SVB for being sun-smart! Also on your packing list should be whatever drinks and snacks you will want during your stay. If you prefer not to haul a cooler, there is a concession area with standard fare, and our family’s favorite – a little Tiki hut with slushies!

Eight Thumbs Up!

The bottom line, this is probably the most fun we’ve had on a day trip during our years in Huntsville, and my kids are already begging to return. I can’t say enough good things about Spring Valley Beach. The facility is excellent and well-maintained, the staff members were polite and helpful, even the scenery was lovely. Growing up in a big city, my only experiences with water parks were in a concrete jungle, so sitting out at the picnic table with beautiful rolling hills and forests was a treat! Be sure to get this day trip on your calendar before these last few weeks of summer are over!

Spring Valley Beach Details

Location: 2340 County Hwy 55, Blountsville (map)
Hours: 10AM-6PM seven days a week during summer months
Cost: $30 (48″+ tall and adults ), $24 (3 years-48″ tall), Free with paid adult (2 years and under), $24 (Seniors 62+)
Phone: 205-429-2075
View Website

This post was originally published July of 2013 and has been updated with the most current information. 

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  • Meg – let’s go together next time! Our favorite summer family activity has been hanging out at Grannie’s pool- we need to do this- haven’t been in years!

  • We went camping for the first time with the kids this summer. We can’t wait to do it again when it cools off.

  • We went on a short weekend trip up to Chattanooga and did all the train activities up there (my husband and son both love trains). We camped about 30 minutes from Chattanooga to save on cost and had a great time.

  • I have been to Spring Valley Beach once. So much fun, even for the little ones. I hope I win so I can take the family before school starts back.

  • My favorite things has simply been spending time with my kids, wether it’s going to the movies or going to the splash pad. I love summer!

  • We’ve never been, but it’s on our to do list. It will have to wait until a week before school starts back though because my 9 year old broke his arm at the last place I visited on a RCM recommendation. That Everybody Can Play playground wasn’t too kind to us.

  • Our summer has been on big adventure – we road tripped from way upstate NY to Huntsville for 6 weeks with the grandparents!

  • Our most common one has been the backyard bonfires! Roasting hot dogs and s’mores has been so much fun. We’ve been to Point Mallard a couple times, but would love to head down to Spring Valley Beach before the summer is up.

  • Thanks for the tip on the parking! We have been considering going but I have been so hesitant and scared to because we have 3 very small children and the place is so big.

  • My boys have been begging to make the trip here. The last time we went they were bith toddlers &the it was cut shirt because the oldest decided it’d be a good idea to touch the grill :/ sounds like they’ve upgraded quite a bite since then though! What a great review. Love love love all the details!!

  • We took our daughter to the Botanitcal Garden’s on Book day. What a blast we had. Who knew an almost 3 year old would just love walking around and looking at flowers.

  • The kids and I have been stuck at home while I have been recovering from a broken knee. It sure would be nice to win this pass so they can have some fun before the school year begins

  • This looks like such a fun place to take the kids for a quick day trip! I also love that they have things for both my older and younger sons to do! Adding it to our summer wish list now!

  • We just moved to the area and have been busy unpacking, but the kids are always up for anything with water. We’ve been to the splash pad in the park, but the boys favorite is the jets at the bridge street mall (I think it has something to do with the ice cream and cookie stores). I’ve never heard of this park though and am so excited that you shared it.

  • My 5 year old has been asking me to go to Spring Valley. It looks like a lot of fun, with things for my 2 year old to do, too!

  • We have been having a lot of fun at the ECP splash pad on the weekdays when it is a little less busy. I haven’t been to any of the water parks around here. How does Spring Valley Beach compare to Point Mallard?

  • This looks fun and our 16 yr old will enjoy it as well as our almost 2 year old! Thanks for the review. Your blog had tons of great ideas.

  • For my birthday, my mother-in-law asked what I wanted and I quickly exclaimed that I wanted to take the entire family to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. Although, it was a long drive (4hours), the kids had so much fun. My little guy really enjoyed the little slides in the kiddie area. I am from CA, and have been to numerous amusement parks and I was very pleased and happy with our experience! You can never go wrong when you are spending time together as a family! 🙂

  • We would love to win this drawing… my son goes around singing the Spring Valley Beach jingle all the time!

  • Heard about this place a couple of weeks ago! Can’t wait to take the grandJoys!

  • Our favorite summer activity was going camping, it was very relaxing and spending time as a family with no interruptions was great.

  • We’ve enjoyed the splash pad and Green Mountain Nature Trail the most this summer. We’ve gone on a few trips, but are still looking for some fun these last few weeks of summer. SVB looks awesome!

  • We made homemade ice cream for the first time and we had so much fun doing it. We are on a budget, so smores on the fire pit, catching fire flies, nature walks have all been fun.

  • Our favorite summer activity is just spending time together. Weather its going to a car show, waterpark, or running through a sprinkler at the house, as long as we’re together that’s all I really care about. 🙂

    • Diana, I’ve only been to Point Mallard for the hot air balloons, so I don’t know how the water park compares. I did hear that Point Mallard put in a lazy river though, and I loooove those, so I am going to check it out in the next week or two!

  • Can’t wait to take my 10 year old, 7 year old, and maybe a friend or two! Thank you for the review! We’ve always wondered about Spring Valley Beach, but have never been!

    • So far, the kids favorite thing has been going to the movies…I think we need a little more excitement this summer!

  • We love story time at the library for a peaceful, not-so-crowded activity. But the new Splash Pad has been a hit as well!

  • Hopefully we will win the tickets so that we will have a favorite outing! So far, we have just been spending time at home with out of town relatives.

  • Sadly, with a 3 mos old & an almost 2 year old, we haven’t had a significant summer activity together yet! We try to squeeze in fun any way we can these days!

  • It would be fantastic to win tix to take my grandson while he’s visiting me next week. Thank you for the opportunity..hope to see y’all soon! NB 😀

  • Havent been to Spring Valley this year, but would love to come see the new stuff to play with!!!

    Been having the most fun poolside and grilling this summer !

  • Our favorite summer activity so far has been visiting the local attractions; Little Toots at the Train Depot, the wading pools at the Botanical Gardens and of course the Rocket Center.

  • We’ve just been playing in the sprinklers and wading pools this summer. Would love to win this! Thanks for the great reviews!!

  • We have been spending a lot of the time in the pool. My granddaughter loves the water! Would love to win this for her!

  • Never heard of this water park, we will definitely go! winning tickets would make it even better!! Thanks RCM for all the weekend and summer idea’s ……sure do appreciate them!

  • My kids love swimming at the Dublin Pool, and they haven’t been to a water park like this in years.

  • We have been enjoying swimming in our pool, but have promised my son to take him there this summer!!

  • Our favorite summer time activity this year has been getting outside and catching firey files. My son loves getting out there and catching them.

  • My kids attended a Nature Funshop that we put on at the Etowah County Extension Office where I work. It was a blast! We have been wanting to come to SVB, but haven’t been able to plan a trip, yet……

  • I tried to edit my comment. Anyways, I would love to visit Spring Valley beach. We not been to go go anywhere this summer besides our local park to play.

  • Favorite part of the summer so far has been taking the kids to Splash Adventure Waterpark…would love to try this one out with them!

  • We have had a rough summer. My oldest son was in a terrible wreck and had to be airlifted. He was in the hospital for 6 nights. He is finally able to enjoy things again. He had slight brain injuries, a broken nose and a broken femur. They put a rod in his femur that is his for life. We just got back from a weekend at Orange Beach. So I guess our favorite things this summer are, him getting better and our beach weekend.

  • Love spring valley! We haven’t been this summer yet but have enjoyed swimming at the YMCA!

  • Our favorite summer 2013 activity so far has been staying for a week at DeSoto campground. Beautiful, lots to do, and so close to home…you can not beat that!

  • So far, the best thing we’ve done is make a homemade swimming pool with cinder blocks and tarps. My boys loved it!

  • Our favorite activity so far was probably our fun 4th of July party with our church family. We had a huge slip n slide that the kids had a blast with.

  • Spring valley beach was fun a few years ago when I went and I bet it’s even better now with the new slides!

  • My favorite summer 2013 activity Consist Of Swimming and Tanning and Hanging with friends !! I have never been to spring valley beach and would LOVE to WIN !!!!!! (:

  • My favorite this year was the beach. Can’t get enough of that sun and sand! I would like to go to this “beach” too!!

  • LOVE SVB! We are very fortunate that SVB is on the way to our in-laws, but with the price, we only average one or two trips a summer. There is a military discount (though small & only for a card holder), so be sure to ask! Also, once the park opens for the day, if there is a pavilion without a reserved/ name sign, it is free for the taking! We were there in June & there was a pavilion open right @ the kid spot…it was great because there were 15 of us from the ages of 2-55, so it was great to just have a “down” spot! 🙂 My 2 & 4 yr old LOVED the big slides (I was a bit leary at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of them riding with us…so we still got to have a lot of fun!) My tip: go on a weekday, you will thank me!

  • Our favorite part of summer has been going to see the fireworks at USS&RC, thanks to another Rocket City Mom review. It was very nice, despite the downpour. Thanks for the advice!

  • Our favorite summer activity has been going swimming. My daughter just learned how to swim last month so she loves practicing her new skills. She also loves Spring Valley Beach. We go at least once every summer.

  • My family and I went yesterday for the first time and loved it. We would love to go back ASAP

  • Enjoying those special moments every day … making tents, jumping on the trampoline, eating popsicles, etc. 🙂

  • We went for the first time for a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. We used the grill there for hotdogs and burgers, and had all our own snacks so we didn’t have to buy anything. I did buy some frozen lemonade though. YUM. It was only $2 for a giant 20 oz ish cup (nice to know they don’t overprice things) and it was the shaved ice shaved into the cup, and then they poured lemonade in it. SO SO good, and the perfect treat on a hot day. I also brought my 6 man tent and set up up next to the kiddie area for the day as our home base. Definitely would love to go back!

  • My husband and I have been talking about taking our almost 3 year old daughter and 10 month old son. This article makes me want to go even more!

  • My favorite summer activity has been taking my babies to the pool. My daughter is fearless in the water!

  • Our favorite summer activity was going down to Birmingham to visit McWane Science Center. Our summer has been very low key for various reasons. but we’re hoping to kick things up a notch soon!

  • Our favorite activity this summer has been going to Destin, FL. My best friend lives there so we’ve visited 3 times since April and plan to go again in August!

  • Would love to take my 5 year old grandson. He wants to go to the beach, but won’t spend the night away from home. I heard about SVB and told him that I will take him to a beach without sharks and we would come home at the end of the day. He is very excited….

  • I love Spring Valley Beach! We used to go every summer when I was a kid but I haven’t been in a few years & I would love to go again & check out all the new additions. My favorite summer moment has been just chilling by the pool with my family on my off days, but this would be even better!

  • Orange Beach and Boy Scout Day Camp and just having my little critters with me all day and night. We LOVE summer!! One more month of summer vacation until school starts back on the 19th.

  • We love EVERYTHING about SVB!! Sadly last year we were there when the little girl drown–we debated for a long time about going back but at the beginning of this summer we went back for the first time since that day. My daughter loves going there and I thought “ya know, that precious little girl is now an angel watching over us all so yes we should go!”

  • Having everyday fun with my kids has been a blast this year. I get to work with Arab Primary school and we have taken those 50-60 kids all over the state to the Zoo in Birmingham, McWayne Center, Tennessee Aquarium, Bowling, The Movies, and have had a blast. Even though it is my job I LOVE getting to take those kids places and letting them have fun while their parents have to work.

  • So hoping to win the Spring Valley Beach tickets……no vacation this summer and this would be it with my grand-kids 🙂

  • We’ve had fun going to the TN aquarium and Florida to visit family and the National Naval Aviation Museum this summer. SVB would round off the summer fun.

  • My kids favorite trip this summer was get to go to Six Flags. It was a first for both and they really enjoyed it.

  • I was so excited to read this review! I have been toying with the idea of going with my three boys aged 1-4. Looks like we could do it!

  • This was a great review. We really want to take our kids before school starts, and keep going back and forth about it. Our kids are similar ages to the author’s, so I think they’ll like it when we go.

  • We love tubing down in Calera. We had a blast! My kids wanted to go back there but then again my daughter found out the Springvalley Beach Water Park, we are excited to visit and have fun!

  • Actually this year we have not been able to really afford to do anything but go to my cousin’s pool at his apartment. Hopefully we will be able to if we win this because we have never been there before. It looks like alot of fun!!!:)

  • This looks like fun! I love the reviews. They give us so many ideas of places to go and things to do. Thanks!

  • We’ve been doing a little bit of everything around town, but haven’t made it to a water park this summer. I had never even heard of Spring Valley Beach before I read the article!

  • The funnest thing we did was the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt.
    We started early to avoid the heat and were determined to find all the places without the help of Google or friends. We failed. We needed internet help twice, took us a total of 5 hours and couldn’t find the one on the bluff. Oh well. We still got our rubber ducks at the visitor center and had a blast.

  • took my daughter- my swt Anna grace to spring valley beach 2 summers ago and she had a blast!! july 2011. she loved it and I loved the waterslides as well.
    this summer shd I take her to Point Mallard or back to SVB in blount county?


  • My teens love this place. Last year was their first year to go. I packed them a lunch and sent them on their way for the day. They went again this year.

  • We sure would love to win a pass…my daughter is 12 with autism ….and we moved here from Michigan years ago but still dont have friends with kids….and just having her get in free would help so much as we have not been able to take her anywhere yet this summer….she has been in schoolcare while me and my husband both work……we would love to all go together. 🙂

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