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Swing into Summer at the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s In Full Swing

Swing into Summer at the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s In Full Swing

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Nothing says summer quite like enjoying some sunshine and relaxing in a swing. The Huntsville Botanical Garden’s newest exhibit, In Full Swing, brings a peaceful new way to enjoy the Garden that even the younger family members will love! Featuring over 40 swings in all shapes and sizes, In Full Swing will encourage guests to slow and down and stay awhile.

The smallest Garden guests will love the baby swings.

Swing into In Full Swing

We were lucky enough to attend the sneak peak of the In Full Swing exhibit, and found it to be a thoughtfully curated exhibit that really did a fantastic job of creating moments for garden guests to stop, sit back, and take in garden views. By placing, mostly, porch style swings in different locations off the main pathways, we were able to enjoy a new view of the garden from locations we don’t normally think to visit.

My family had fun finding and trying most of the swings, but the fan favorites were the two unique style swings we found hidden further in two different gardens. The Fern Glades had egg shaped wicker swings deep in its garden that the children really enjoyed swinging and spinning in. It added a nice whimsical stop to the beautifully hidden Fern Glades and even my husband remarked that he felt he was in a forest from a Tolkien story.

There’s over 10 types of swings including egg shaped ones.

But the swings that everyone liked best were the fun and never-before-tried bed swings in the Four Seasons garden. I normally never take my kids through that garden and get back on the paved path after the koi pond, but the bed swings caught my children’s attention and they ran over. The kids loved climbing on the beds and laying on them pretending to sleep. Their enthusiasm was contagious and we all had a good time lounging there before ending our evening after.

The bed swings are a big hit and perfect for relaxing.

What to Expect at In Full Swing

In Full Swing is made up of over 40 swings scattered throughout the Garden. The exhibit features over 10 types of swings including:

  • Tree swings in the Garden’s Dogwood Trail
  • Bed Swings that are the size of a twin sized bed
  • Baby swings for the Garden’s littlest guests
  • Gallery swings painted by local artists
  • A wheelchair accessible swing
The swings are scattered throughout the Garden.

Parent Tips & Plan Your Visit

I found the In Full Swing exhibit fun & family friendly and my kids really had a good time trying most of the swings. I would say most of the porch style swings are big and easier for older children to get into, but I would recommend that parents sit with their young toddlers so they don’t fall. My three year old could get on some of the swings by herself, but oftentimes needed a boost to be seated. The majority of the swings are adult sized with one set of children specific swings available.

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One tip I would pass along is for everyone to wear comfortable walking shoes and perhaps sneakers for the children. Because most of the swings are off the paved pathways, you walk through mulch or tall grass to get to them. My kids were wearing shoes with holes in them so they kept stopping to get mulch out of their shoes.

If your family hasn’t been to the Huntsville Botanical Garden in awhile, now is a great time to go visit and check out the new exhibit. The swings add a nice southern feel to the summer weather and your children will love exploring and trying them all!

In Full Swing Details

Runs: June 10 – October 31.
Admission: Included with Garden Admission ($12 – $17) or Free for Members

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