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RecipeJoes Cooks Up Tasty Ways for Kids to Help in the Kitchen

RecipeJoes Cooks Up Tasty Ways for Kids to Help in the Kitchen

Cornelius Joe of Recipejoes

Cornelius Joe II has always loved spending time in the kitchen. As a kid, he spent countless Saturday mornings mesmerized by Justin Wilson’s Cajun cooking shows on PBS, and Sunday evenings watching his grandmother and mom cook big dinners for his family. As it turns out, a seven year-old can absorb a huge amount of cooking technique over time when they’re included in family meal prep – I gar-on-tee!

Flash-forward to today, where Cornelius has a family of his own and two daughters that help him cook in his home kitchen. His girls are adventurous eaters, and a big part of his YouTube channel, RecipeJoes – in fact, it was his oldest daughter that came up with the name!

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RecipeJoes on Rocket City Mom

Keep an eye out for RecipeJoes monthly videos and articles on Rocket City Mom on the last Sunday of each month. He’ll be sharing awesome recipes, new dishes, meal planning tips, and fun ways to spend time with your own kids through the culinary arts.

In case you missed it, our little Rocket City Mom Family is GROWING! We are very pleased to announce several new RCM Contributors joining us along with RecipeJoes in 2021. These amazing moms and dads are your friends and neighbors, and will cover new activities and events, share their stories of parenting in Huntsville & North Alabama, and help us gather news and resources that we hope will make YOUR life easier. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

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