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RUN to sign up for the festive EarlyWorks 5K Challenge!

RUN to sign up for the festive EarlyWorks 5K Challenge!

  • Three 5K runs for one awesome cause
  • Virtual runs = flexible for families to participate
  • Sign up for individual races or register by Oct.18 to run all three!
shirts for the Earlyworks 5K Challenge

Looking for a way to start celebrating the holidays early…the sooner we celebrate the sooner 2020 will be behind us. The EarlyWorks Children’s Museum has found a fun, exciting and healthy way to start ringing OUT this year. The fast approaching holidays just might be the ticket. While we all remain masked and separated, we can still celebrate together virtually. EarlyWorks has created a series of virtual but Festive 5K’s to lift our spirits and motivate us to get through 2020.

Three Runs = Tons of Fun!

First up is the Halloween Trick or Trot in October. Live it up a little and wear your costume while you’re out getting those miles in. Just think how much fun you’ll have watching everyone wonder what you are doing! Register HERE by October 29

Next up is the Sweater Weather Shuffle in November. While others are trotting with their turkey get out there and show them what the sweater shuffle looks like. Register HERE by November 30

Finally, December brings the Holiday Hustle. We all know how hectic the holidays are so let’s get our hustle on. Register HERE by December 31

Register for each race individually to receive the coordinating shirt/hoodie OR sign up for the Festive 5k Challenge and receive ALL 3 shirts AND a celebratory Finisher’s Medal to really get a head start on a great 2021! Don’t wait – registration for the entire Challenge closes on October 18th – OR until swag supplies run out. There is a limited number of challenge registrations available, and availability will be indicated by shirt size during registration.

The swag for the races is enough reason to sign up! The Halloween Trick or Trot will earn you a really cool long sleeve performance shirt. The Sweater Weather Shuffle brings on some chilly breezes so you’ll love the long sleeve t-shirt. December’s Holiday Hustle will let you show your spirit with a hooded sweatshirt… complete with a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm. Remember – if you sign up for the Festive 5K Challenge you’ll also get a cool finishers medal too!

Where to Proceeds Go?

All the proceeds from the Festive 5K Series will go towards the educational initiatives of the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum. During the Covid-19 shutdown EarlyWorks was forced to close for four months. A mainstay of their business was school field trips and those are on hiatus for this year.

During the shut down, the staff at EarlyWorks spent time cleaning the museum and adding new play areas. If you haven’t seen the traveling exhibit, Toys: The Inside Story, you are in luck because it’s now been extended to May 2021! It’s an unexpected adventure into STEM at what has been known as a hands on history museum. The best way to help EarlyWorks is by visiting the museum. Tickets can be purchased in advance online at

EarlyWorks 5K Challenge Details

Sign up for one virtual race, or do all three!

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Cost: Each race is $35 to participate and receive your shirt. If you sign up for the challenge it’s $95 – that’s a savings of $10.

Dates: The goal is for you to complete your 5K sometime during the month of the holiday but it’s all on the honor system. Most important thing is to have fun!

For more information or to sign up for the Festive 5K Series go to

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Beth Goodwin is Marketing Director for the EarlyWorks Family of Museums.


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