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Earlyworks Children’s Museum Brings Fun Geared for Littles

Earlyworks Children’s Museum Brings Fun Geared for Littles

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If you’re looking for an indoor activity for the family that’s interactive, educational, and full of opportunities to play, consider EarlyWorks in Downtown Huntsville. On my visit to EarlyWorks with my 2 year old daughter, we parked on the street, around the corner from the museum. My daughter was immediately enchanted by the tree with the toys and trucks in the atrium, which gave me time to check in. Whether you have a membership or are paying for your visit, you need to check in at the counter when you first walk in.

Littles will love exploring from the moment they walk in the doors.

What to Expect at EarlyWorks

Once you head into the main room, the options are nearly endless for little hands and little minds.

EarlyWorks has stations and rooms that vary in topic from simple science concepts to history. Some of the stations include light tables with magnetic tiles or blocks, colorful ribbons, and classic, wooden toys. There is a play general store in the main area with toy dishes, food, and tables and chairs. My 2 year old, who loves a good tea party at any given moment, could have sat at a table having tea for most of our visit. However, her favorite room seemed to be Biscuit’s Backyard.

Biscuit’s Backyard is a room for kids 6 and under. One of the biggest perks of this area is that it has one door, so it’s easy to let kids roam without losing them. The water station was the highlight of this room. Little ones can stand at the water, splashing and playing with the toys and fish. I should probably bring an extra shirt next time because my daughter’s was soaked.

The water table is sure to offer endless entertainment.

Biscuit’s Backyard also has a barn with hens that lay wooden eggs and play crops for harvesting. There is also a supermarket area where kids can play store. Biscuit’s Backyard has a fenced area exclusively for babies up to 18 months old with soft pads and arches for climbing and crawling.

As you wander through EarlyWorks, there are more stations with Alabama history from historical figures to agriculture. There is another water table toward the back exclusively for Legos. Throughout the museum, you can find mesh bins that are reserved for toys that seem dirty or for toys or objects that inevitably found their way into a toddler’s mouth. These items will be cleaned and put back in the museum by the EarlyWorks staff.

The smallest guests can enjoy the crawlers corner.

A Museum Perfect for Littles

There are bathrooms near the entrance of the museum and then toward the back of the museum as well. In the latter part of the museum, there is a dog salon for stuffed dogs. My 2 year old was quite content to sit in this station for a few minutes just brushing a stuffed dog’s hair. There are also car and train tables and building blocks near the back. You would pass through this area on the way to the bathrooms. The bathrooms have a changing table and a diaper genie, so you don’t have to feel bad for leaving a smelly diaper in their trash can.

Upon entering the museum, there is a nursing room off to the left. You can leave a hanger on the door once you’re in there to request privacy. The room has a rocking chair, a Lego table for the older ones that might be with you, and a changing table. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding an easily distracted baby, this room is quiet and secluded.

The Lego water table offers great fun for guests.

One of my favorite parts of the museum was the picnic area near the entrance/exit. You can bring your own lunch and eat in this area, but there are also a few activities to keep the kids busy yet close by while you finish your food or clean up from lunch.

While I think you could take the whole family, EarlyWorks seems well suited for younger children. It can be hard to find activities to keep toddlers engaged, and EarlyWorks has lots of options geared toward 1 to 5 year olds that are engaging, interactive, and safe.

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Littles will love pretending in the interactive play areas.

Plan Your Visit to EarlyWorks

Location: 404 Madison St. SE, Huntsville (Maps)
Phone: 256-564-8100
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM
Sunday: 11 AM-5 PM

$5- Toddler
$10- Youth (4-17 years old)
$12- Adults
$10- Senior (55+)
Tickets can be reserved in advance on EarlyWork’s website.

Memberships are also available. Click here for membership levels and prices.

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  • My family loves EarlyWorks, but haven’t been in a couple of years. Something to remember on hot or rainy days!

  • I have never taken my daughter (3 years old) to Early Works, sounds like it would be worth a try on this rainy weekend.

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