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How You Can LIGHT IT UP for Local Medical Professionals & Essential Workers

How You Can LIGHT IT UP for Local Medical Professionals & Essential Workers

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Surely by now you’ve seen the videos of communities thanking their hospital staff for their amazing dedication to their patients during this quarantine. It’s happening all over the world – Spain, Italy, England, France, Canada, India, The US, and beyond.

Now local residents get their turn to cheer for the medical professionals and essential workers that have worked around the clock here in Madison County.

LIGHT IT UP events in Huntsville and Madison are planned for Easter Sunday, April 12th from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. There are four locations for families to participate. Click each one for location details:


It easy to participate – as long as you stick to the recommended guidelines!

1. Just load your family into the car and drive to the location of your choice. Leave plenty of time to find a parking spot and be sure to only park in the designated areas for each location.

2. At 6:30 PM turn on your car headlights! A special prayer and worship service will be broadcast on 102.1 WDRM, 88.1/99.5 WAY-FM and WJOU 90.1. All are welcome to tune into the radio service, but it is not required. If you prefer to tune in from home that’s OK too!

Parking for Huntsville Hospital

– Longwood Lot located between Gallatin Medical Tower and UAB, approximately 200 spaces. *The entrance to this lot is on Longwood. IT IS NOT THE PARKING DECK… this is for employees only who will be able to see the lights during shift change.

– Women and Children’s West Surface gated lot, approximately 60 spaces. This is the parking lot that is not directly in front of the building. That is where the ER is located, and we need to stay out of that area. This lot is the one to the West of the main entrance to Women and Children’s Hospital.

*Both the Longwood and Women and Children’s are gated lots. The gates will open at 6:00PM and close at 7:45PM.

– The parking lot directly across from Women and Children’s from Westmark Construction through Shon Henry State Farm has been approved for parking by the owner, Wade Russell.

– Quickcare Pharmacy and Urgent Care as well as BBVA Bank have also given approval for parking.

– First Baptist Church REAR parking lot on St. Claire. This lot can be seen from the Huntsville Hospital employee parking deck and the nursing home can see as well.

Parking for Madison Hospital

– The Madison Wellness Center is approved parking by Huntsville Hospital. This will cover Madison Hospital and the HEMSI station.

– Parking is also available all over the campus both in front and behind the hospital. Just be sure to avoid blocking entries to any hospital entrance and ER.

Parking for Crestwood Medical Center

– Trinity United Methodist Church parking lot

– Holy Spirit Catholic Church and School parking lots

– Crestwood has approved parking in their North lot by the North Lobby/Outpatient entrance off of Whitesport. People may park anywhere between the hospital and 4810 Whitesport Circle, a large building at the very northern edge of that parking lot that they own.

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