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Want to understand Covid-19? Listen to Dr. Lamb

Want to understand Covid-19? Listen to Dr. Lamb

Huntsville, AL, is a science town. Those who live here know it, but if you’re not from around these parts that may not be as obvious. Teeming with engineers, PhDs, and literal rocket scientists, Huntsville has a lot of brain power packed into its 210 square miles.

Huntsville, AL AKA the Rocket City

One of the shining beacons of all that brainpower is the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.  Just the name feels intimidating, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the people there know what they are talking about when it comes to science. So when our country needs to be listening to scientists, this is a great place to turn.

Shareable Science

Luckily, Dr. Neil Lamb, HudsonAlpha’s vice president for Educational Outreach, is the man for the job. Literally. He’s actually won awards for being such a great science teacher/communicator. Which makes his series of Shareable Science videos must see TV right now.


Click to visit all the videos in this series.

In his introductory post he explains the need for these videos.

“Everyday it feels like there is new information coming at us that changes our understanding of the information we learned the day before. Not all the sources agree on how to interpret that information or the decisions we need to make around it, and sometimes it is wrapped in so much jargon it’s really hard to understand the meaning and we’re left wondering if maybe we aren’t fully grasping why this is important or what we need to do with the content.”

Replacing fear with fact

He goes on to share that HudsonAlpha is rolling out this educational opportunity to help “cut through the clutter” and explain this pandemic in everyday language in order to replace fear with fact. Which makes it perfect for those of us who didn’t major in science and maybe need a refresher on how all this stuff works.

As of publication date, there are six videos addressing all aspects of Covid-19:

Still have questions? Email Dr. Lamb and he might just answer them in his next video.

Sidenote: I am 100% counting these as science class in the newly opened Jennifer Breuer School for Second and Sixth Grade Girls. 🙂 


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  • Local Huntsville doctor, Nancy Neighbors, MD, posts new articles each Wednesday about COVID-19 in her blog at As a board certified doctor in both family medicine and lifestyle medicine, she brings a new perspective to why the pandemic has happened and how to protect ourselves from the virus.

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