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This doctor shows us how to sanitize groceries and it’s very useful (and terrifying)

This doctor shows us how to sanitize groceries and it’s very useful (and terrifying)

The scariest thing about Covid-19 has to be how little even experts know about it. Almost daily we are learning new information about how this spreads, how long it lives on surfaces, and the people that are at risk for serious outcomes. It’s no longer just Grandma and Grandpa that we need to worry about (although, we definitely still need to be very careful around them) and hopefully, everyone now understands this is NOT just the flu. We all need to be doing our job of social distancing and only being out and about when it’s absolutely necessary.

So, when I saw this video shared by a friend in Michigan of a doctor walking through the steps needed to sterilize groceries and take out food my first thought was “this has got to be overkill, right?” In this almost 15 minute video the doctor walks the viewer through a “sterile technique” often used by medical professionals and here applied to the food being brought into the home.

In the video he walks us through:

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  • the process of bringing groceries into the home
  • the process of preparing to bring groceries into the home
  • the steps to take to clean those groceries after bringing them into the home
  • the steps to take after you come home with take-out food (hint, don’t eat it in the car!)

I’m not gonna lie, this is painstaking in detail and leaves me feeling overwhelmed. The idea that we should already, or will soon need to, be this careful about any items brought into our home from the outside world has me shook. However, I could not stop thinking about it and felt a responsibility to share with anyone who lives with or is in regular contact with an immunocompromised person.

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Let’s hope that this is overkill but better safe than sorry, right?