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The ULTIMATE Mother’s Day Giveaway

The ULTIMATE Mother’s Day Giveaway

UPDATED – Winner announced below!

Moms work HARD – it’s the understatement of the year. It takes quite a lot to keep a family running smoothly, especially when women still do more chores around the house than their male spouses, no matter if they work in or out of the home. So it’s no surprise what moms told us they wanted most for Mother’s Day. Get the whole list of what REAL local moms want HERE.

Top 5 Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day

  1. Uninterrupted Sleep
  2. Time to Herself
  3. A Clean House
  4. Massage / Spa Day
  5. Dinner / Someone Else to Cook

(Bonus: To Pee Alone came in close to #5)

That Giveaway Though…

What if someone took this list of things and gave them all to you? We’re giving one lucky local mom the ROCKSTAR treatment, thanks with help from our generous friends! Click each orange link to learn more about them.

Salt On the Rocks
Enjoy a free salt session of your choice and take a restful therapeutic nap!

Madison School of Massage
Let a professional treat you to a relaxing one-hour massage. (It’s OK if you fall asleep!)

Delicious ready-to-cook meals delivered right to your door – just follow the simple cooking directions and enjoy dinner with $100 in gift vouchers.

1818 Farm Flower Truck
A beautiful bouquet is waiting for you at the 1818 Farms Flower Truck! The truck currently has weekly stops scheduled in Huntsville, Madison, and Decatur.

Rise N Shine Cleaning
Four glorious hours of cleaning that YOU don’t have to do!

AS or the peeing alone part… there’s not much we can do there. You’re on your own.

Huge thanks to our wonderful Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway partners, all woman-owned small businesses in the Huntsville area! #ShopLocal

How to Enter

Just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter box below. There’s a variety of ways to enter. We’ll announce the winner on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018.


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  • My favorite mother’s day memory was the year my husband told me to relax while he made my favorite gumbo for dinner

    • I don’t know if I am leaving a comment in the correct place or not…My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a drawing of a rose (my favorite flower) from my son. It was a huge surprise. I had it professionally framed and will cherish forever. I cherish gifts from my daughter, too, along with being with my whole family, whether gifts are given or not. It’s a fun day, and I am blessed 5o have my mom living with us this year. She is 76 yrs old, and a blessing to all of us.

    • One of my favorite Mother’s Day memories was a year when my Dad, my husband, brother and brother-in-law all cooked dinner for me, my mom and sister and our families and then just “us girls” – my mom and sister and sister-in-law all went out for coffee drinks together that evening after dinner.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my first Mother’s Day, when I was expecting my first child. It was so exciting!

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is waking up late with my favorite breakfast ready before I got up, then going for a hike with a pinic lunch.

  • Best mothers day was my 1st. My son was born a month before mother’s day and it changed my whole world. My husband bought me a Tiffany necklace that had “mom” engraved on it and I’ve worn it for two years now!

  • The first time I became a Mother and celebrated Mother’s Day in 2008 was a wonderful experience and I truly understood and valued that day (and still do everyday).

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was two years ago. We went on a hike and played in a mud puddle. I loved watching the joy in my kids as they got mud from head to toe.

  • My favorite mothers day memory has to be the time my husband and kids made me a hand decorated “#1 mom shirt” and even though the resulting paint mess was an absolute disaster, I didn’t have to clean it up! 🤣

  • My favorite gift was a outdoor porch swing because over the years we have had several talks, read several books and also had moments of laughter on that swing and just enjoyed being outside together in general. Such a thoughtful and useful gift!

  • Participating in my child’s baptism on Mother’s Day was pretty special.

  • Back in 2014, our baby girl was in the NICU for 30 days. She was discharged 5 days before Mother’s Day and it was the best Mother’s Day present ever!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is of all the handmade crafts my kids make me. 🙂

  • My favorite memory is from a few years ago. My kids gave me gifts they made at school and worked together to make breakfast. They were so proud of their crafts and the meal they made for me. ❤️

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is when my little ones climb in the bed with me and wished me a happy mother’s day and brought me cards and flowers.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory when my husband put an outfit on our first daughter that said, “I Love Mommy.” That’s when it hit me that I was a Mom.

  • My favorite Mothers Day was in 2008. My oldest was born a couple of months before, and it was then that I truly appreciated everything my mom had done for me when in was a kid.

  • Last year’ mothers Day was my favorite, this year will be better. We don’t do anything super special, but as the kids get older, they write me sweet notes and do special things to make me smile. They are the best!

  • My favorite 1st mother’s day gift was my first born! He was due to arrive May 13th 2013 but came May 7th and was whisked away to the NICU for breathing complications. It was a very emotional time not being able to hold or bond with my baby and being limited on when I could visit him. After several all clears we were able to take my son home on mother’s day 2013 and celebrate together! He’ll be turning 5 years old in five days!

  • My favorite memories are getting the gifts from my children when they were in daycare. I love all the crafts that were done using their hand prints and foot prints!

  • My favorite gift was a handwritten card from my one year old. My husband held her hand and signed her name. So sweet! That was my first mothers day and probably the best. We went to Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful!

  • My favorite memory of mother’s day was when I planned a huge surprise for my mom by flying down from Connecticut here to Alabama. I arrived and took a taxi to her house and rang the doorbell. It was the best! She had no clue and we got to spend a wonderful week together. (I live here now)

  • This giveaway looks pretty awesome! I think the Mother’s Day gifts I have treasured the most have been the ones my kids have made themselves

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my first Mother’s Day, not too long ago. I spent the day with my daughter, my mom, and my grandmother, along with other family members.

  • As a newer mom, I’m excited to see how we celebrate. Last year, he made a picture at daycare. I cried on the spot. Such a precious memory. I’m blessed to be his mother. He’s the greatest gift.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is the first time my oldest daughter made breakfast all by herself and brought in her paper flowers she made at school. I still have them in my dresser and they are 10 years old now. Beautiful reminder of my sweet girl when she is acting like a snarky teenager!

  • My kids are only 3 and 1. My favorite Mother’s Day gift/memory is when my husband bought a card and the kids drew all over it and brought it to me bright and early in bed. Then they just snuggled in bed with me!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a card that said “Mommy you are awesome”. Helps to remind me even on the tough days that my kids can see past my imperfections and still think I’m awesome.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day was in 2012 after I had my first baby. I don’t remember what I received as a gift, but my little baby was beautiful and made me so happy.

  • My most cherished Mother’s Day memory was 2016.. it was my third MD, but my first since my mom had passed away Mother’s Day weekend the previous year. We had a quiet day and I snuggled/napped with my 3 year old son that afternoon. I so clearly remember how thankful I was for that little moment to reflect on the eternal bond between a mother and child.

  • This prize package sounds heavenly, and any mom would be thrilled to win it! All of my kids are out of the nest these days so no handmade cards or gifts.

  • My first Mother’s Day was a beautiful day spent with my son and husband at the Botanical Gardens and Surin of Thailand. 😊

  • My favorite mother’s day memories are just being with my little family, enjoying my day. 😊

  • My favorite memory had to be my first Mother’s day. My son was just 10 months old. He absolutely owns my heart. My husband and son took me out to dinner but all I really wanted was time. And still today, all I really want is time with my 2 sons.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day was the year I graduated from UAH with my bachelor’s degree! Such a wonderful feeling being able to persevere through being a wife and mother to complete college.

  • Favorite gift I have given both my mother and mother-in-law is massages. As women/wives/mothers, we never take enough ‘me’ time.

  • My favorite mother’s day memory was showing my husband our adoption referral picture of our 4 kids and him accepting happily!

  • My favorite mother’s day was when my children made me breakfast in bed.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was my 1st Mother’s Day. I had always dreaded Mother’s Day because it was a reminder that I wasn’t fortunate enough to have children of my own. So after I had my daughter, I felt so fortunate to finally have my baby.

  • One of my fav Mother’s Days was when Mother’s Day fell on the Sunday my first born was baptized. My sisters, mother, grandmother, and sister in law and mother in law all went to the church with us and we had a Mother’s Day gathering after church to celebrate them all. My sister in law who was expecting her first at the time was so happy to get a corsage, too. Was one of the few times I had so much family, so many strong mothers, around me.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is takkng my daughter to tea each year with another mother and daughter friend. We had made it an annual tradition and the girls look forward to it as much as we do.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day is a strange one, but bear with me. The morning began when my husband graciously told me to go back to bed. He was letting me sleep in and making me breakfast. While I lay their peaceful drifting off to sleep, I hear a rattle at the door. I instantly froze praying that I was imagining things. When I realized that I wasn’t, I closed my eyes because that would somehow make me invisible. Haha. My toddler saw through my invisibility defense and climbed on. In a giant leap, my toddler slammed on top of my face butt first. Instantly, I smelled the code brown that was now all over my pillow and I. At that moment, my husband and other kids walk in holding a tray of food and Mother’s Day gifts. It was a spread straight out of a movie. My oldest pipes up saying, “so I guess you aren’t in the mood for chocolate pancakes anymore then..” haha I love those stinkers to pieces!

  • My favorite gift on Mother’s Day was my 5th child being born. Can’t beat that!! (But this giveaway comes in 2nd! 😉)

  • This is my first mother’s day as a mother. I truly am beginning to appreciate what it takes to be Mom and how underappreciated the role is. My favorite memory(ies); every mother’s day we held a family reunion on my mom’s side of the family and then we would go to the family cemetary for decoration. Four generations of us girls all came together for so many years. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother both passed away within a year of each other. So now it’s just me and Mom and the family reunions don’t happen anymore. I guess my favorite memory is just that- having the memories.

  • My favorite Mothers Day was watching my 2 year old sing at church. Then lunch with my mom, husband, and kids and dinner with my in laws. I love spending time with my family, eating, and not cooking.

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is when I made myself strawberry pancakes that were to
    Be from my first born which I was pregnant with!

  • My favorite mother’s day gift is when my oldest son and husband bought me pandora charms for my bracelet that represented them. I feel like I’m carrying them with me when I wear it!

  • What an awesome giveaway!!
    My favorite Mother’s Day memory had to be when it was just me and Lilly – single momma status – and the daycare Lilly was attending sent out hand made cards via the mail to all the moms. It was a complete surprise, my baby had made it, and she was only 3 at the time so Mother’s Day was something when trul needed help with. It meant so much to me, I have still have it today. ♥️

  • Lots of proud mama mother’s days with my three boys and my favorite was the year I got DIRT… and plants! I love being in my flowerbeds and giving me a chance to do that was the best!

  • My favorite memory was last year when my 10 year old son attempted to make me pancakes for breakfast. It was his first attempt at cooking and with a little of his dad’s help he did pretty good. I look forward to what he has planned for me this year!

  • My first Mother’s Day (last year) my gift was a massage… in July. My husband waited until the last minute to get the one thing I’d hinted I wanted.

    I would love to treat myself this year!

  • My first mother’s day with both my son and my newborn daughter. I just felt so complete having them both in my life and it was my far the most special mother’s day for me!

  • My favorite (so far) was my first, just a few years ago. To celebrate Mother’s Day AS a mother was so special. I only expect it to get better!

  • For Mother’s Day last year, my 3 yo got me flowers she picked herself from her Grandma’s garden. She was so proud and it meant the world to me!

  • My favorite mother’s day memory was when my now 36 year old daughter was in kindergarten. She came home with her handprint and a little poem about how fast those little hands would grow and to enjoy them now. I still get teared up thinking about it and I STILL have the painting 🙂

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is an ongoing tradition consisting of breakfast on the balcony of the condo, a Mother’s Day sermon at the local church, and the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. Watching my child (now going to be children) laugh, play, and explore the sand and ocean is a dream come true. I am a total beach bum so I soak in it all for the one long weekend that we are there!

  • Love Rocket City Mom :). And now I know what Salt on the Rocks is. Thought it was a margarita bar!

  • One year our four oldest children made a “restaurant” for my husband and me on our back deck, complete with menus!

  • Last Mother’s day was special to me because my children were all home. This year our son is at boot camp with the Navy and won’t be able to be with us.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day gifts are the sweet handmade ones from my kids. Especially the ones with their handprints. I’m a total sucker for those.

  • One of my favorite Mother’s Day was when my sister, mother, and I took a weekend trip to Ashville NC. My mother had always wanted to visit the Biltmore so we took her there. It was a fun filled weekend with just us girls.

  • Breakfast made by my sweet husband and children every year is the best thing ever!

  • This giveaway sounds amazing! My daughter is 4 but I still forget sometimes that Mothers Day is for me. My favorite memories are doting in my mom and mother in law and giving them gifts my daughter has helped make or pick out!

  • Amazing giveaway!!! One of my favorite Mother’s Day memories is from celebrating my own mother. We took her to Botanical Gardens and had a picnic. It was easy, relaxed, no frills- we just enjoyed time together and it is one of my best memories.

    • CONGRATULATIONS, Christina! You are our winner! Please check your email to claim your prizes, and happy Mother’s Day!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day was the first one after I became a Mom. My kids are my life ❤️

  • After 5 years of infertility and losses, finally getting to be a mom on mother’s day was the best, and having the grandma’s there to celebrate too was an added bonus. I loved for having babies to call my own.

  • My favorite gift are paintings of flowers, using the kids’ hands, my husband helped the kids make. They hang proudly in the house.

  • The Mother’s Day memories I treasure most are when I spent the day with both my mother and grandmother. They taught me everything I know about being a mom!

  • My favorite mother’s day was when I was pregnant with my first because every mother’s day from there on out meant so much more than I could have ever imagined. Mother’s Day changed for me that very first mother’s day 3 years ago and now I know how special and chaotic being a Mama is!

  • My two are still so young that all of our mothers and fathers days have been pure chaos 😂 My favorite was when my son was 2 and daughter was 4 months old- my husband planned and packed a picnic lunch for our favorite family park in DC. We made it all the way to the exit when my son cried until he threw up and so I said let’s just go home. He ended up letting me rock him to sleep which was a big deal for him at that age and it was a perfect day.

  • I am a first time mom whose maternity leave just ended 🙁 and now i am back to work — so I am looking forward to snuggling my baby girl all day on Mother’s Day!

  • I have only given Mother’s Day gift’s so far (this year will be my first Mother’s Day). I love going to my parents house and spending the day and sharing a bottle of wine with my mom for Mother’s Day. Time and memories are the best gifts to share.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from last year. I woke up with a giant card next to me and hearing my kids say, “Hurry! She’ll be awake soon!” I said, “Good Morning!!” and my youngest responded; “No! Not yet! We aren’t ready for you!” LOL! They were bringing me coffee and had made bacon, eggs, and toast. They just hadn’t finished fast enough to bring it to the bed. My card was filled with all these reasons they love me and it was about two feet tall! We spent the day kicking up our feet and cuddling. It was so nice!

  • My best Mother’s Day was my first Mother’s Day in 1998. Becoming a mommy, was the best gift that I’ve ever received. My second was in 2006, when I received the most wonderful surprise! My little gift from God! Being a Mom is wonderful. I never knew so much Love and come in such a wonderful little bundle! 💖

  • I love the handwritten, from-the-heart card my kids make for me for Mother’s Day. My daughter also goes outside and picks me some fresh wildflowers. So sweet.

  • FAvorite memory for mother’s day was surprising my mom with a professional photographer to take pictures of her and her grandchildren!

  • My daughter is only 2, so I haven’t had many Mother’s Day celebrations as a mom, but I have to say my favorite one so far was my first. My mom passed away in 2012 and after losing her, I started to hate Mother’s Day. It was a painful reminder that I didn’t have my mom and I didn’t have a child either. The first Mother’s Day I had with my daughter changed that day from a painful day to a joyful day. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my mom and it still hurts that she isn’t here to celebrate Mother’s Day with, but now I have the sweetest little girl to remind me how much my mom loved me.

  • Best Mother’s Day was when my husband surprised my while I was still pregnant with our first! So sweet and unexpected.

  • My favorite mother’s day was the first Mother’s Day after our twin boys were born in 2007. My wife is an amazing mother! This was a special year and she deserves mother’s day every day. So thankful for her!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was last year. My daughter and I wore matching dresses to church. After, we had pictures made together and then went to one of my favorite restaurants. My husband bought me a ring that I love (and had picked out haha). It was a perfect Mother’s Day! 💕

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is this sweet hugs and kisses in the morning. The kids go out of thier way making my day perfect, but that genuine sweetness is what makes me smile the most

  • My favorite gift was a massage gift card. What made it my favorite was that my husband told me the kids came up with the idea themselves and insisted on buying it themselves. The story he shared made it evident how much love went into the gift.

  • My favorite mothers day of all , was giving birth to my beautiful baby girl! She joined her other 4 siblings which gave me the most amazing gift ever.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory has always been going to the Fort Braggs Fair with my kids.

  • My favorite mothers day was when my children fixed me breakfast in bed my son was 5 and my daughter was 10. My breakfast consisted of waffles with bananas and juice and was accompanied by a homemade card with $2 in it! They waited for me to eat and cleaned up after me and were super polite and extra helpful the entire day! I know it isn’t the most amazing story but it was amazing to me because as a single mom I don’t get to take a break and my children noticed how hard I worked and tried to give me a day off and I absolutely adore them for it!

  • I hope my friend Stephanie wins. She’s a newly single mom with two kids and she could use the R&R time.

  • My favorite mothers day memory would have to be my 1st because we tried for many years for our daughter and it was so wonderful to just get her! We usually go hiking for Mothers Day now!

  • I don’t mind that my husband does less chores around the house. He does a lot to keep the family going. It’s not a competition, not everything has to be divided equally.

  • Now my mom is mo longer here, I treasure the Mother’s Days that I spent with her.

  • My favorite thing about mothers day, are the sweet cards made by my babies. I love having something made in love!

  • My fave mothers day memory was last year with my daughter. It was just the 2 of us and we did all of fave things the day before the Mothers Day rush! 🙂

  • my favorite gifts are the ones my daughter made me from toddlerhood to present day

  • I LOVE Mother’s Day! It’s my favorite holiday of the year! One of my favorite gifts was a finger-print painting of a bird that my 3 children made for me. I also love ANY gift they make themselves.

  • Best mothers day was the first Mother’s Day my daughter made me a craft in daycare – little thumb print on a necklace!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was three years ago, when I was pregnant (and hungry all the time), and my husband bought me a huge Edible Arrangement. Best pregnant girl gift ever! 🤣

  • Don’t have a favorite one — I love all of them since I’ve become a mommy 🙂

  • My favorite mother’s day is going to be this year as it is my first with my son! Last year I was pregnant and super sick so I stayed in bed with my fiancée and a 2 liter of ginger ale!

  • My favorite Mothers day memory is picking out my mother corsage every year.
    My favorite mother’s day memory as a mommy myself, eating the breakfast in bed my girls make me☺😍

  • My favorite gift was my 1st a picture bag with me and my baby and lingerie my husband paid my sister to make me a gift

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is my first one! I was a single mom so I wasn’t expecting anything. My mom had a necklace engraved for me with my son’s name and birthdate on it. It is so special to me and it was such a thoughtful gift!

  • My favorite memory is spending time with my family! I love when the day is all about me or my mom! Mothers should always be celebrated by their families.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is that I found out I was pregnant on Mother’s Day. I got up early and snuck out to the drug store while by husband was still sleeping. I bought two pregnancy tests and did them when I got home. I woke my husband up by telling him he was going to be a daddy again. Best Mother’s Day gift!!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day was my first 5 years ago. It took years to be able to become a mother and I wasn’t sure it would ever happen!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was the birth of my first child on Mother’s Day in 2006. She constantly reminds me that she was my best Mother’s Day present ever 😉

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was my first Mother’s Day in 2016. My husband went and got my favorite Huevos Rancheros, brought it back to me and I had breakfast in bed!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was after I died, then had to have major brain surgery. I came back and realize that my mother works full time, came in from work to take care of me, once I got out of the hospital. I have no memory of 2 years of my life after the surgery, but I know my mother has been there helping me while I have had to relearn everything, the things that she can’t actually help me with, she has been so patient even though I know she can’t understand what I am going through, & I’m grateful that she can’t. I am on disability, so I can not do the things that I would like to do for her, but It was my 1st Mother’s Day memory since I’ve been back. I had her beautiful flowers, a card, & a massage coupon Sent to her job. At 1st she was not sure about getting a massage. When she finally had her massage, she now says that It helped tired so much. To me, that means more than anything to know that something helped her that much, and made her that Happy!!
    I have had 27 major surgeries and I have told myself through them and I am great and I know that a lot to my mother even if not directly, she made me the person that I am. I am so grateful to have her in my life and I really am having kind of a rough time, because we do not have family or anyone except each other. I go through so many procedures, I have to get friends to help me when they can, as soon as she gets in from work, she will take care of me so they can leave.
    Years ago I purchased a house for us, so she would have a secure place and her only family to be here to take care of her and help her. The house has some problems and I’m having to spend money and do the repairs myself come out which thank goodness My Neurologist Never taught me that I could not do anything. So I see a problem I research it talk to people at home improvement stores I’m a watch videos and then do it myself. It takes just about everything I get on disability but I’m grateful that I push myself Through a lot of pain so I am able to do this stuff. Otherwise there would be no way that we could afford it and I don’t know what would have happened to the house.
    So are we definitely love to do something like all of this for my Wonderful Mother. I wish I had the money to just do it no matter who wins it’s going to be a blessing for them!! Thank You

  • I don’t have a specific favorite. I enjoy each Mother’s Day because ALL of my family enjoys the day together. With the busyness of life pulling us in all different directions, it’s nice to all be together!

  • My favorite memory is the first year I exchanged mother’s day cards with my mom. I had become a stepmom so she got me a card too. Her words brought me to tears. It was really special to me.

  • My first mother’s day as a child, my dad made blueberry pancakes to serve to my mother in bed. I walked through them and all over the bed, leaving blueberry footprints.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory was when my sisters and I got together to make our mom a fabulous Mothers Day breakfast! We made every breakfast item available and you could just see how much it meant to mom. Amazing!❤❤

  • My favorite thing about Mothers day is probably seeing the expression on my Moms face when she sees whatever I give her. This year I want to make it so special for my mom, but we don’t have a lot of money to spend. We have been through some really hard times this past year, and I want to thank her for always being my rock, a rock that will never perish, and that will close the gates hell if she has to, and that…….well there is just no words to describe her. She does s much for me, and really want to give her something that she will never forget.

  • I’ve only had one Mother’s Day as a mom so far but my husband made it wonderful with a home cooked breakfast. My favorite memory though was when my brother & I surprised our mother with a trip to the aquarium. She was blindfolded on the way there & was shocked when we arrived. She loved that we just spent all day focusing on her.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day gift was the very first one I received from my husband – a super special necklace of a mama elephant leading a baby elephant. It’s so dear to my heart & I wear it almost every day.

  • My favorite memory is when my kids first started school, they both brought home a beautiful picture and card they had made themselve. As a mother that means more to me than anything.

  • This will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom but I look forward to all the memories I’ll have from this day forward.

  • My best memory is getting up early to make heart shaped pancakes for my mom when I was about twelve years old. My sister was 10 and we had no idea what we were doing, but it was so fun. They were horrible pancakes, but my mom was so surprised.

  • Favorite mother’s day…my first one…breakfast in bed and a handmade card. Simple yet has become tradition (not sure if my hubby has realized that…but I have). I love it!!!

  • I love this article…how true and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who realizes that even while working…women still do the cooking and cleaning and getting up with the baby…dunno how that will ever even out—I do like that I don’t have to mow or keep up with car maintenance…and daddy usually keeps boys busy while I cook…still would love some me time

  • My favorite mothers day is when we can all just relax together as a family. This year we are going out for a super casual dinner (with margaritas!). There is nothing more wonderful than the gift of my children and I am grateful for them every single day (even when they drive me bonkers!).

  • My favorite memory is o f my oldest daughter coming home to surprise mine on Mother’s Day…she had told me earlier she had to work and it was going to be our first Mother’s Day apart.

  • My favorite Mother’s day memory is when my husband compiled video messages from each of the kids and one of our sons said his favorite meal I made was “beans with the sauce that’s brown”. We’re still trying to figure that one out and it’s been 2 years! Hopefully I’ve made it again for the poor kid.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is a trail run with some girlfriends before I became a mom myself. We chatted about their experiences as moms. Since becoming a mom myself, Mother’s Day is just more work and another day – laundry, cooking, and childcare. BUT, this year, my mom tribe is having an early morning run and child-free coffee date to follow. Yay!

  • Let’s be honest, my favorite Mother’s Day gift, besides the obligatory handmade creations by my children, is time alone!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is getting a sweet picture magnet of my daughter on my first Mother’s Day. I still have it on my fridge and she’s 6 now!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my first Mother’s Day. It was so amazing that I had a tiny little human.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my first Mother’s Day. There is no greater feeling than being a mother. My mother is in the hospital and will most likely be there for this Mother’s Day, so I would love to pamper her with this when she gets out!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when I was pregnant with my daughter and just wanted another dog so bad but my husband was so against getting another pet. Well I was getting off work and when I came outside and walked to my car, my husband filled my entire car with balloons and I couldn’t see inside. When I opened the door my husband was sitting inside with a puppy in his lap. I cried so much I was so happy. It not only made me happy but our kids love him as well and of course he grew on my husband.

  • My favorite Mother’s Day memory is this past Mother’s Day when I was expecting my 4th baby. My husband bought my favorite lunch and gave me a relaxing day. I felt so loved and my heart felt full with 3 children all looking forward to meeting their new baby brother. Each Mother’s Day seems to get better and better!

  • My favorite Mother’s Day gift received was the pearl earrings my son and husband gave me on my first mother’s day. i still wear them all the time!

  • I’m looking forward to my annual free Mother’s Day meal at Hooters! He’s only 3 right now, but imagine the conversation when he around 16…”What did you get your Mom for Mother’s Day?”..”I’m taking her to Hooters…”

  • I have 2 special needs sons, 2 girls and a baby girl in heaven. My days are filled with diapers, medicines, feeding tubes, difficult behaviors and just challenging things. But when they bring me something home from school for Mother’s Day that they made, that just melts my heart and reminds me that all of it is worth them knowing I love them. I don’t even know if their teachers know how much it means to me to see their handprint or scribbles on a page that they made for me! Those are my favorite things of Mother’s Day!

  • My favorite mothers day started off terribly!! I cried and cried but I was finally able to enjoy a day at the science center with my son. We had a blast. When we returned home, my husband conned a fabulous meal and the gifts!!!! My son made me a macaroni poster saying I was the best mom ever! It even had pictures of us on it and my husband gave me several of my favorite things. It was the first time my son was big enough to do arts and crafts and my husband knocked it out the park! Each year they surprise me with something from the heart but the kickoff was especially special!

  • My 4 yr old says that he is buying me a ring and a rose. That will do for me!

  • Every Mother’s Day is special, but last year my two grown children, their spouses, and my 9 month old grandson gave my husband and me a surprise weeklong cruise! I was so touched.

  • My favorite Mother’s day gift was the card my four year old made me with a handprint and answers to questions about me

  • My favorite Mother’s day was about 4years ago. My husband asked me to start attending a class at our church as a family and then he said our son, daughter and him were going to get baptized and that our family would become members of the church! I cried, my mother-in-law said that is BEST Mother’s day gift! I honestly can’t think of a better Mother’s day gift than that! I still cry Everytime I tell or think about it.

  • My favorite mother’s day gift was last year. It was my first mother’s day and my daughter was just Months old. I had been struggling with finding myself and was a mess. My husband came home with Mexican from my favorite restaurant and flowers for both me and my daughter and we ate dinner at the table while my daughter nursed/Napped on me. I will never forget how sweet my husband was to think about her by getting her her own bouquet and surprising me with food from my favorite restaurant after I had just had a total meltdown hours before. He saved the day and made it a mother’s day to remember

  • My favorite mother’s day memory is my kids trying to fix breakfast and clean the house for me. One time I got dry cereal with chocolate candy…they were 3 and 6.

  • My own first Mother’s Day with my firstborn. 💗 After a long and hard pregnancy fighting to keep us both alive, and then having complications after birth as well, it was so amazing to be a Mother!

  • My favorite memory is picking wildflowers for my mother each year when I was little. She would always put them in a vase on the window over the sink.

  • Mother’s Day is always a hard day for me. My husband’s grandfather passed away on Mother’s Day in 2010. He was such a sweet man that I am glad had such a big part in raising my husband. It’s bittersweet because we miss him, but it’s joyous because he always made holidays special for us. It’s just who he was. <3

  • My favorite Mother’s Day was the year my son was born. He was around 3 months old. We spent the day with my mom, and it was the first mother’s day that I really had a full appreciation for my mom and all she had done for me and continues to do. A mother’s love is the best gift!!

  • My favorite memory was my first mothersday about 7 years husband got me some cards and made it special..we didn’t have alot of flexibility on our budget but he got me a gadget to help chop up veggies…

  • Being a mom is my favorite gift of course; however, my favorite gift would have been when my child was an infant and for Mother’s Day I actually was able to get 8hrs of sleep…OMG YAY me…I solely breastfed for over a year so sleep didn’t exist in my life and to have family come down to give me a days rest was awesome. I couldn’t tell you all how thankful I was. Happy Mother’s Day ladies enjoy your day.

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