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Plan an Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Plan an Emoji Themed Birthday Party

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Planning a party can be the most daunting. Where are the best places to consider as party venues in Huntsville? How can you throw a good party and stay within your budget? We plan on helping busy families find the answers to those questions and more in our series, “It’s My Party“, where we invite real, local parents and kids to share their party planning experiences with other readers.

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Big thanks to Kaiya L. for sharing her birthday party experience with us! From here on out, this party review is all hers.

Tween Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Looking to throw a trendy birthday bash but not sure where to start? Look no further. When it comes to birthdays, especially mine, planning the party is one of my favorite things. For my eleventh birthday bash, I KNEW I wanted an emoji themed party. I was completely obsessed with emojis! First things first, I started a Pinterest board for my ideas. I gather a LOT of them and then narrow it down.

Age & gender of child: Girl, 11 years old

Party Theme: Emoji!

Party Location: My house

Facility/Party Rental Costs: None

Invitations set the tone for your entire party. They are the first impression everyone has of what to expect. Normally, since I am pretty crafty, I help my mom make them. This year, however, I begged my mom for these cool ones I found on Etsy. Lucky for me, she agreed. Even better, since you print your own once the design is made, I wasn’t limited in the number of people I could invite.

Party Decorations

Once you’ve established the theme of the party, I’ve found it’s important to figure out the décor. I wanted a photo booth (although that was a big splurge from my party budget) and a lot of emoji themed items. I managed to use coupons for Hobby Lobby to buy some of the emoji party supplies, including the piñata, and by the day of the party I had been there five times!

I also went to Dollar Tree, Target, and Costco to gather the supplies for the snacks, desserts, party games, and favors. Dollar Tree was my favorite store to shop at, mainly because everything was a dollar! I bought game supplies, and tablecloths from there along with a few other odds and ends just for fun.

On the day of my party, I had my volleyball net and some balls set up outside along with the Emoji Photo Booth inside. This kept the guests entertained as they were arriving. If you’d like to get the Emoji Photo Booth and personalize it, head over HERE. Also check out the DIY backdrop that we used with the photo booth.

Games & Activities

Once everyone had arrived, we played some Minute-to-Win-it games. The first one was called “Balloon Pop”. All you need for this game are balloons, and ribbon. Have your friends blow up a balloon and tie it around your ankle. The object of the game is to see who can pop the most balloons of the players in a minute. The points from all of the Minute-to-Win-it games go on the leader board* which can later be added up for prizes. This is a perfect way to start the party-high energy, lots of laughs, and gets everyone interacting.

The “This Blows” game was yet another game that required balloons, and a LOT of hot air! Check out “This Blows” and “Face the Cookie”, which was another one of the games.

One of my personal favorite games to play was “The Lap Game.” Although the instructions said to sit on furniture, we decided to sit in our drive-way. It works either way. Check out this game out for yourself.

Elephant March was one of the most hilarious games I have ever played. All you need is a baseball, pantyhose, and cups. Put the ball in the pantyhose, and the pantyhose on your head. Put plastic cups in a circle and see who can knock over the most cups in a minute. This game was a HUGE hit with the boys, who got very rambunctious with it.

  • * The Minute-to-Win-it leaderboard consists of the list of names of the people that are playing and games they are playing. How the points add up example: For the “Elephant March” game, however many cups the player knocked down will be put under their name on the leaderboard. Hope this helps!

After we played these games, we decided to take a break and head inside to eat. But the games were so fun we were back at them soon after!

Party Food

Now let’s talk food! For refreshments, I had water and lemonade available. We ordered a specialty emoji pizza and also had some regular pizzas. Other snacks included chips and vegetables.

For dessert, we made Poop Emoji cupcakes and ordered an Emoji Cookie Cake from Great American Cookie as well.

Party Pro-Tips

I had a wonderful time planning my emoji birthday party and I highly recommend that you try it for yourself! If you do, hashtag it on Instagram with #RCK Party. I look forward to seeing all of the wonder that you guys create!

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