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Birthday Party at The Matrix Gym in Huntsville

Birthday Party at The Matrix Gym in Huntsville

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Planning a party is one of the parts of a parent’s job description that can be the most daunting. What’s age-appropriate? Where are the best places to consider as party venues in Huntsville and Madison County? How can you throw a good party and stay within your budget? We plan on helping busy parents find the answers to those questions and more in our series, “It’s My Party“, where we invite real, local parents to share their great party planning experiences with other readers.

Big thanks to Connie C. for sharing her son’s birthday party experience at The Matrix Gym with us!

Party at The Matrix Gym

Age & gender of child: Boy, 5 years old

Party Theme: Pokemon

Party Location: The Matrix Gym Huntsville

Facility Rental Costs: $295 for 13-20 guests. The cost varies based on the size of the party. This was the mid range cost.

Number of Party Guests: 20 kids + parents

Invitations: paper invitations provided by The Matrix Gym

Cake, Food, and Decorations

I purchased a half sheet cake chocolate cake with chocolate filling from Costco. We did not use one of their design and just asked for white lettering with Happy Birthday and the birthday boy’s name. The cake cost less than $20 and serves up to 48 people. We also brought fruit, cheese sticks, chips, and small bottles of water.

The party is 1.5 hrs with 30 minutes set aside for cake and presents. Matrix gym provides plates, napkins, utensils, and tablecloths based on your choice of color from their available selection. The party assistant helps with setup and serving the food.

The Matrix birthday Collage

Games & Activities

The first hour of the party is spent as free play in the tumbling gym. Kids can jump on trampolines, swing from a rope, jump into an enormous foam pit, tumble, and play on the gymnastics equipment. There are no structured games, but the party assistant interacts with the kids and also makes sure the kids are not using some of the equipment that is off limits.

We had clear favor bags with Pokemon themed items including a small camera pencil topper, pencil, bookmark, and toy figure.

Party Favors

We found some of our Pokemon favor items and a Happy Birthday banner at Dirt Cheap Madison for a great price. The Pokemon candles for the cake and pencils for the favors came from Party City, and we ordered the toy figures for the favors from We also brought a Pokemon balloon bouquet that we purchased at Kroger.

Parent Pro-Tips for a Party at The Matrix Gym

The kids had a great time during the free play in the gym. They never stopped moving and that hour went by so fast! I recommend the party for kids that are ages 4 and up. There is a good bit of running and jumping, and kids that can independently navigate are most able to take advantage of the gym equipment. Kids and parents should both dress comfortably. Parents, I encourage you to play as well! You and your kids will be exhausted from all of the fun.

The party room is on the 2nd floor of the building and there is not an elevator. You will need to be able to use the stairs. The tumbling gym will occasionally have other classes taking place during parties. I have attended another party where there was a cheer-leading practice, but it did not take away from the experience at all. During our party we had the gym to ourselves and it was very quiet. You can request the party assistant turn on music for the party as well.

Since there is in only 30 minutes in the party room, we saved the presents to open at home and kept the food fairly simple.

Do you want to participate and share your personal party experience with other Huntsville parents? Just fill out our secure submission form here.

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